Moon enters its very favorite nakshatra today, Rohini. In this lunar mansion is found the red eye of the bull of Taurus, a red giant star also called Aldebaran (see star map below).  It will be seen near it’s waning half tonight as it rises sometime after 11:30 pm.  This is great time for enjoyments and indulgences of all kinds, so have fun!  Moon loves the red light of Rohini, the most beautiful and sensual of all lunar mansions.

So while the moon is having its most titillating evening of the month it also joins as the 4th exalted planet in the sidereal sky right now.  This is a rare occurrence that will trigger many auspicious birthdays and commencements.  It is said to be, in the scriptures, a time when “even one of base birth can become a king.” (Brihat Parasara chap. 39, verse 45).  This is certainly a fabulous time to initiate any plans or agreements, sign contracts and make commitments.  

Exalted mercury increases wisdom and clarity and our ability to communicate our ideas and needs to others, however be careful not to get carried away and say a little too much this week as mercury is headed into Rahu, the head of the snake, where we may lose our ability to censor our thoughts and speech could become a little rude or unabashed.   Also, considering the influence of the outer planet Uranus in opposition, genius as it is, our words have the potential of seeming a bit eccentric and out of bounds.  

A Chandra-Mangala like formation is spinning today and tomorrow with moon opposite mars in its ruler-ship of sidereal Scorpio.  Whatever monetary investments you make on Sunday and especially on Monday (until 9:00 pm pst) will likely have great returns.  And, exalted Jupiter’s harmonizing aspect makes everything stable and predictable, protecting us and giving us the insight and optimism to believe in our possibilities. 

Envision and believe you can do it, for this is a time when our past loosens it’s grip on the present, and “even one of ordinary birth becomes a king [or queen] endowed with elephants and horses.” (Phaladeepika 7, sloka 1)  Substantial personal and professional breakthroughs are really possible now and throughout the rest of the week.