The moon is getting a heavy dose of Rahu’s overpowering agenda this week.  Rahu is the head of the snake that continually devours the light of the moon (and our minds) through eclipses.  This week starting Monday (moon-day), the waning moon will be seen passing through sidereal Gemini.  The moon, having just been eclipsed last Wednesday, is still heavily under Rahu’s shadow.   And just before 6:00 pm PST on Monday this troubled moon will pass into the nakshatra of Ardra, a nakshatra ruled by Rahu.

    Ardra is associated with the bright star of Betelgeuse in Orion, and also with the Dog Star, Sirius.  Ardra is translated as the “moist one”  which may suggest an ancient connection to the mythic lore of Egyptian belief around this star.   The seasonal rising of the Nile river and the essential water it brought each year to ancient Egypt was celebrated with the rising of the star Sirius.

    In Vedic astrology Ardra is connected to storms and rain and is ruled by the stormy god Rudra.  The sun’s transit into this nakshatra is always at the end of June, heralding the monsoon season.  Rudra is called the “howler,” and is said to be born of the frustration of Brahma’s creative energy.  Rudra destroys creative blocks and clears energy. Unruly tempests of emotion that may cause tear drops to flow can get triggered in this nakshatra.   A good cry may clear the mind, just as a storm can clean the atmosphere.   

    It is said that eclipses trigger storms and earthquakes,  and since last week we have seen the action of Typhoon Vongfong and Cylone Hudhud build.  Experts estimate that cyclone Hudhud will devastate over 300 km of East Indian coast line.  As the moon passes through the storm soaked Ardra, we will be realizing and assessing the damage as well as the repercussions on local public health issues produced by these storms.

   Since Ardra is enveloped by sidereal Gemini, it is also ruled by Mercury.  This gives Ardra‘s association with the human head and nervous system.   Since Mercury is currently in retrograde, we have the potential for deep analysis and epiphanies.  But our minds may also be swimming out to surprisingly profound and disquieting places.  The mind is a double edged sword under the sharp influence of Rahu.   Powerful desires lead to struggles, and a direct aspect from Mars may cause headstrong aggression.  Be careful of road rage on commutes and aggressive sales tactics.    

    This recently eclipsed Ardra moon can make certain people (depending on natal chart) very emotional.  Rahu magnifies the desire principle, and infatuations can get strange and even uncomfortable with Venus and Sun both tightly conjunct Rahu.   This is not a good time for traditional social affairs, a desire to isolate oneself may make events less attended, and children may be especially unruly.  Fashion statements could border on offensive, but it may be a good time to work on your Halloween costume.  Things should lighten up by Tuesday night (PST) when Moon moves into the forward-looking nakshatra of Punarvasu

    Mercury, in it’s continuing mutual exchange with Venus urges us to think deeply and follow our passions,  no matter how outside the box.    But discretion is needed, don’t make any rash decisions until moon enters Cancer on Wednesday evening after 5:00 pm PST.   We will be able to think more clearly with the exalted Jupiter’s moral clarity and the sobering gaze of Saturn.   It should be a welcome relief from the antics and confusion that our minds may have been swimming with recently.

    We are heading for a partial solar eclipse on the 23rd of October,  visible in some parts of North America.  Venus is going to be right in the thick of this Rahu-Sun-Moon mash up, so brace yourself, especially in the area of life that this effects you through your natal chart.    

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