Vedic Astrology Reading

Tired of navigating life’s changing situations alone?

A Vedic Astrology Reading is a deep dive into your life’s Prarabdha karma – the results of your thoughts, feelings and actions from current and past lifetimes. Your Vedic birth chart is a map detailing your special gifts and abilities, as well as your life’s biggest challenges. Learn strategies to harness your unique strengths and transform stubborn obstacles.
A Vedic Astrology reading can also reveal the precise timing of important life events — past, present and future — while offering time-tested solutions and practical remedies to remove any blocks that might arise.

About the Reading

In a live one-hour call, we’ll discuss unique aspects of your birth chart.
My readings focus on the major karmic patterns that your chart reveals, as well as the Vedic mythological meaning of its key stars, or nakshatras.

In addition to interpreting your birth chart, I also provide specific planetary remedies. These might include self-care activities, color and gemstone therapy, or puja recommendations to create positive outcomes in your life. If time permits, a Tarot card reading is also included.

The call is interactive, so feel free to ask questions. All readings are conducted live via phone FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp. An audio recording is available upon request.

This is your initial reading. If you’ve already had a reading with me and would like to book a follow-up, click here for returning client rates.

$240 USD

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What People Are Saying

“She was spot on about everything, and was so helpful in explaining everything my chart said.”
Kari is amazing! She was spot on about everything, and was so helpful in explaining what my chart said. She answered all of my questions and then some. I've recommended her to friends already! Everyone should have a Vedic reading with Kari.
Kimberley T.
“Kari is AWESOME! I've had two reading with Kari so far, and both have been excellent and so so helpful!”
Kari is a fantastic intuitive guide, astrologer and Tarot card reader. As a Western Astrologer, I've been impressed with the Vedic System and Kari's abilities. She really hit the nail on the head in both of my readings. If you are looking for a compassionate, deep and insightful astrologer to help you figure things out, Kari is your girl.
Sara J.
Raleigh, NC
“I highly recommend Kari. It's worth the time and money”
Vedic Astrology is more in-depth and accurate than western astrology. Kari is well educated in her field and also experience tarot card reader. Definitely worth the time and money.
Tori N.
“…gave me the best Vedic reading I've ever had!”
Kari is exactly what a Vedic astrologer should be. She is very thoughtful and gave me the best Vedic reading I've ever had!
Jill W.
La Grange Park, IL
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