The New Moon on Wednesday July 15th (6:24 pm PDT) is a doorway to inner transformation. The sun and moon will join in the constellation of Punarvasu Nakshatra, giving the power to open your mind to limitless possibilities.  A New Moon is not actually a time to embark on new projects, but it is a time for awareness and inner contemplation.  Punarvasu translates as “return of the light.“  On the night of this dark moon your inner light and wisdom can shine.


PUNARVASU lies in the constellation of Gemini. It includes the two bright stars Castor and Pollux, the twins.


art by Katherine Skaggs

Aditi, the Divine Mother, rules over this area of the sky.  Like Mother Earth, she is an ancient, fertility goddess of abundance and prosperity.  She is the creator of the universe and without her shakti it would cease to exist. The name Aditi translates literally as “boundless.” She represents the infinite physical manifestation of this world.  She provides us with all we see on earth and everything we own, even our physical bodies.

Try to find some time to sit down with your thoughts.  Take a moment to reflect in gratitude for all that you have, no matter how much you may believe you are lacking. Quietly make a list of the people and things you are thankful for.  This New Moon creates an atmosphere of appreciation and selflessness.   Give thanks to the Earth for the food and water she provides and all the richness and beauty of this life.  Punarvasu inspires us to reflect on new possibilities, such as strengthening our health through exercise like yoga, and improving eating habits.  Aditi is the universal mother who unites us all into one large family.  Open your mind to how you could get involved in social and environmental causes that you care about.

The week of July 12th -19th is a time of major transformation for expansive Jupiter as it moves out of watery Cancer into the burning fire of Leo.  This is a once in 12 years occurrence.  Since fire and water don’t mix,  Jupiter will be in an energetic limbo called gandanta.  It could shape up to be a stressful week for the spiritual planet of optimism and growth.  Anticipate troubles in education, religious organizations, and political institutions.  Chaotic disturbances are likely to be felt in areas of your life where Jupiter and the sign of Leo affect your natal chart. However, spiritual practices are supported at this time. It is often in moments of deep confusion that we gain valuable wisdom about ourselves.

Although not visible on the night of the New Moon, talkative Mercury and combative Mars will be in a tight conjunction.  When two planets are less than one degree from one another it is called Graha Yuddha, or “planetary war.”  Beware of aggressive words. Since Mercury also rules the road, be extra careful in transit.  Computer systems and vehicles will be vulnerable to malfunction and overheating.  You may find you have difficulty expressing what you really mean and opinions can overpower logical thought.  It is better to avoid debate until after 2:00 pm on Thursday when the graha yuddha seperates.

PictureCreation repeating itself in fractal-shaped patterns.

As mother of Vishnu, the goddess Aditi is the creator of her own creator.  By being the Divine Mother of her own Father she recalls how all creation forms in fractal-shaped circuits, repeating itself eternally.  We are also the creators of our own life stories, and these stories give birth to similar stories, and those stories in turn lead to more.  On this new moon, try to go within and retell the story that you would like to replicate in your life.  Open a space for the Divine Mother to pull you into her generous embrace under the New Moon in Punarvasu.

Aditi – The Mother

Aditi is the indivisible consciousness…

All is created by the Supreme Goddess,
the Supreme and Original Mahashakti,

all proceeds from her, all lives by her, all lives in her,
even as she lives in all…

all will and force her will and force,
all action is her action,
all movement her movement.

All beings are portions of her power of existence.



art by Amuletz

**above art by Josephine Wall