On Oct 28, a high-energy full moon and partial lunar eclipse creates an opening for powerful awakenings and transformation. This exhilarating full moon can also create dramatic situations and emotional reactions, so take things slowly and remain calm.

In India this full moon is celebrated as Sharad Purnima, a harvest full moon of hope and prosperity. This year the auspicious Sharad Purnima will be eclipsed from 12:35 pm – 1:52 pm PT. According to Vedic Astrology, viewing of the moon should be avoided during the hours of the eclipse.

This full moon/lunar eclipse is in the area of the sky called Ashwini, which is said to relate to the energy and speed of a horse.

This is a highly energetic lunar eclipse that may feel exhilarating or intense for some people.  You may also feel sensitive to your surroundings, and interactions could be more emotional than usual.

With war-like Mars aligned closely with Mercury, the planet of communication and movement, this lunar eclipse can ignite fierce conversations, fast-moving exchanges and possibly frazzling travel experiences.

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According to Hindu mythology, Ashwini is ruled by a pair of twin brother deities who have special healing abilities. The medicinal power of the Ashwini full moon is magnified by the eclipse, and important breakthroughs can happen for those seeking healing and rebalance in their lives.

This full moon can open new and surprising streams of income, as well. The Sharad Purnima is revered to be the full moon of Laksmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.  This full moon can also help clear away stagnation and increase the flow of abundance in your life.

Take heed, a rare and perilous transit of Rahu is occurring on Oct 30.  Since the beginning of the month, the karmic-snake, Rahu, has been crossing a dangerous zone called the gandanta – a bardo realm between beginnings and endings (Aries and Pisces).

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The ongoing and horrific war in the Middle East, as well as the shocking massacre in Maine, are deadly reminders of how the shadow graha, Rahu, can trigger violent tipping points.  Prayers for peace are needed now.

On Nov 5, a crucial turning point happens as Saturn, the lord of karma, slows down completely and then turns direct.  Saturn has been retrograde since June 17, and this important turnaround can greatly improve order, balance and peace in the months to come.

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