The Full Moon of July 1st (7:20 pm PST) will shine a bright spotlight onto the waters of your soul. The powerful transit of the Full Moon through the area of the sky known as Purva Ashadha has the ability to push you into the unknown and break through stubborn obstacles that have previously blocked your path.

This transformational moonlight energizes the constellation known as “the elephant tusks,” connected to the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha, who is celebrated as the “Remover of Obstacles.” It is said that one can never accept defeat under the influence of these stars.

Aiming towards the center of the galaxy, Kaus Borealis and Kaus Australis in Sagittarius’s bow also make up PURVA ASHADHA.


the ancient water goddesses of the Rig Veda rule over Purva Ashadha.  They are the spirits of our planet’s oceans, streams and rivers.  They bring rejuvenation and purification, nourishing our relationships and wetting our eyes with compassion. They pour their cleansing waters over the earth, enhancing our intuitive wisdom and binding us to community and family.

On this particular Full Moon of Purva Ashadha, the nurturing water sign of Cancer is glowing with two of the brightest planets in the sky, Jupiter and Venus, as they merge so closely together that they will almost blend into one. (These two planets also happen to be the rulers of Purva Ashadha nakshatra and will create the astrological yoga of parivartana with the moon.)  The rare and auspicious alignment of expansive Jupiter, which has the power to widen our perspective, and love-inspiring Venus, brings heightened sensitivity and support to our intimate and family relationships.

The union of these two planets also energizes creative projects, enhances educational opportunities and sets the stage for social and political change – sometimes radical. The recent legalization of gay marriage in the U.S., as well as Nigeria’s ban on female genital mutilation, are two examples of how this powerful alignment can have profound and far-reaching effects on society as a whole.

But tread carefully, because for a few days (from June 29th to July 2nd) the planets will align so tightly that it may feel too close for comfort. Most planets (like people) need a little space to express their divine light. When two planets are conjunct by less than one degree, it creates Graha Yuddha, or Planetary War. This rare phenomenon is a little like what happens on a car radio when two channels compete for a frequency: signals get crossed and they tune each other out. 

Since Jupiter is the “Guru of the Devas” (Angels) and Venus is the “Guru of the Asuras” (Demons), this planetary war could easily become a heavenly battleground between good intentions and self-indulgence. During these few days, be extra careful not to over-indulge in food or drink, and do your best to avoid emotional flare-ups, particularly with women or teachers.  To see previous article on Venus-Jupiter War click here.

The emotional intensity of this Full Moon gets even more powerful with under-worldly Pluto’s conjunction, and its opposition to combative Mars.  Don’t be surprised if conversations get a little cheeky, or if someone’s philosophical and religious beliefs start to sound a bit overpowering or preachy. Bear in mind that undamming waters of hidden emotions can feel as threatening as it is healing.

The waters of the Ancient Goddesses of Apas were first invoked thousands of years ago to cool the heat of the dry summer and call the monsoon rains when drought threatened.  This is a good moment to offer prayers for the parts of the world suffering from drought and extreme heat. It is also a fantastic opportunity to call upon the inner-rains of purification to wash away your old wounds. Open yourself to the possibility of unending improvement and transformation under the power of Purva Ashadha.

From the sea comes the waters (Apas) of the flowing rivers;

Never sleeping, always cleansing. 
Their path dug by Indra the thunderous bull. 

Goddesses, protect me!

Waters from Heaven 
Waters from Earth 
Waters from below the surface. 
Bright, purifying speeding towards the ocean. 

Goddesses, protect me!…  

(Rg Veda 7:49) 

**Above art: 
Elephant image: source unknown
Water Woman: Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo