Take a step back for a fresh new perspective.  On Dec 12, the new moon kicks off the final lunar cycle of 2023 — along with a notorious Mercury Retrograde.

Chaotic holiday travel, delays and misunderstandings will ramp up during Mercury Retrograde, but this powerful time is also a chance to reconnect with your past—old friendships, passions, and places.  On this new moon, take a look at where you’ve been, and how you have been progressing toward your needs and desires.

This New Moon aligns with energetic Mars, in the Vedic nakshatra of Jyestha, the eldest queen.  This fiery red star sits in the heart of the Scorpion, which holds the healing power of the Dark Feminine in a very wise and mature form. Jyestha Devi embodies the strength to set healthy boundaries, know limitations and demand respect where respect is needed.

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The Jyestha new moon with fierce Mars can amplify combativeness, courage, as well as impatience. Mars has been in Scorpio since November 15, pushing boundaries and making conflictive situations seem unavoidable.  Take it easy on yourself and others, and try to keep things simple.

The Winter Solstice is around the corner on Dec 21, and the dark nights that lead up to it are some of the most deep and spiritually potent of the year.  The solstice is a crucial turning point from darkness towards light, rebirth of life, and hope returning.

The lunar cycle that follows this new moon, along with Mercury Retrograde, is a powerful time to take stock of your feelings, desires, hopes and dreams, and to reconsider how you’d like to move forward in 2024.  Mercury will turn direct on New Year’s Day, to kick off the year with a positive new momentum.

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