It’s shaping up to be a lovely weekend as the waxing Moon enters sidereal Cancer and joins exalted Jupiter this Saturday.    Take a look to the south-east at sunset and you shouldn’t miss the sight.  They are situated in the deep watery constellation of Cancer with its barely visible nest of mysterious stars, the Beehive Cluster.   Cancer is the cardinal water constellation of the Moon.  A sign of nesting and nurturing; and in many ways like the selfless service of honeybees… making sweetness in protected hives. The Beehive Cluster is also connected to the nakshatra of Pushya,  a lunar mansion called the “star of nourishment” and symbolized by a nectar filled flower.

Moon will enter sidereal Cancer, around noon (PST) on Saturday March 28th.  It’s waxing light will be energized by the bright (because retrograde) and exalted Jupiter.  Like turning up the light in a dim room, this yoga gives clarity and opportunity to wherever these planets influence your natal chart.   In general, this is a good weekend to be in public, spend time with teachers, and do educational and spiritual activities. 

Lunar-Jupiter yogas are considered to be auspicious in Vedic Astrology.  Since Jupiter entered Cancer last summer, these monthly lunar conjunctions have had a therapeutic effect on many, especially those with prominent natal placements connected to Cancer.   This weekend may be a well needed respite, a time to count our blessings and take a breath.

Remember that the moon is more vulnerable this month.  We are headed towards a lunar eclipse on April 4th.   So although we may feel Jupiter’s expansive light this weekend, it’s important to take precautions and be ready for unexpected occurrences.

This week Mars made its entrance into sidereal Aries.  Pulling out of the murky gandanta of the Pisces/Aries cusp on Tuesday and finally coming into his full expression in Aries.   There may be an agitation to get ahead and push yourself forward to new levels.   Mars will be making a 4th aspect (dristi) on the Moon’s alignment with Jupiter.   This aspect could definitely fire things up and get the bees swarming; energizing parties and family gatherings and possible creating debate and discussion.   Avoid the influence of alcohol.   Tempers could flare in certain individuals and conflict is possible in groups and families, especially when moon enters the competitive nakshatra of Ashlesha on Sunday evening (about 9:15 pm) and throughout Monday.