“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.”


This weekend, the waxing moon can be seen setting in the nakshatras of Radha (VIshika) and its partner, Anuradha.   Anuradha are the three stars that mark the claws of the constellation of Scorpio, and symbolize a row of offerings.  It is also called the lotus flower, and the “star of success.” This focused and devoted nakshatra calls in the pure motivation of the heart.  It is ruled over by the deity Mitra, the sun god of friendship and devotion.  It will certainly be a lovely time to call friends together and to make new connections.  

It is especially auspicious that the entrance of the moon into Anuradha will follow the 4th evening of Navaratri.    Navaratri is a 9 day celebration of the goddess in her many forms. The first three nights are devoted to the destructive yet compassionate nature of Kali. The 4th, 5th, and 6th nights are for the bountiful and generous forces of Lakshmi, and the final three nights will focus on the wisdom and skill giving shakti of Saraswati.  Furthermore, each one of these powerful nights are devoted to nine other specific goddesses.  The fourth night (Saturday night in the US) in particular, will uphold the bright goddess Kushmanda. Kushmanda, like Mitra, is connected to the light of the sun.  It gives clarity, inspiration, and unblinking generosity.  Kushmanda also grants happy partnerships, youthfulness, and love.  Because, Navaratri amps the spiritual energy at this time, don’t be surprised if synchronicities bring unexpected meetings of old friends.  There could be surprising heart-opening interactions.

Sunday will be an especially good day to make agreements and socialize.  The mood will have lightened with the moon having passed away from the heavy influence of Saturn.  The moon will also enjoy a graceful and optimistic aspect of Jupiter and a charge of ambition and enthusiasm from Mars.   Chandra-Mangala is a dhana yoga that can call in monetary gains, and this one in particular encourages chatting with friends and collaborating in new visions that could become quite profitable later.  Mars is stronger than the moon in this yoga, so be careful, things could get too ambitious, boisterous or even aggressive.

Although Anuradha and the goddess Kushmanda focus on love and tenderness, the lower polarity of possessiveness and even lust could come up in the realm of romantic relationships.   Moon is debilitated after all, in sidereal Scorpio, and perhaps we feel out of sync with the prana of our emotions.  Also, debilitated sidereal Venus is heading for the mouth of the snake (rahu) in the next month and will be in the line of the blood moon on October 8th, then the solar eclipse on the 23rd.    Intimate relationships will likely be very unpredictable and we will have to be especially careful and sensitive with the ones we love (as well as in all other Venus ruled areas of our natal charts.)

It is especially auspicious to take this evening (Saturday) to honor Kushmanda through upholding our partnerships, friends and family.   It’s a time we can focus and come to terms internally with our egotistic tendencies and meditate on gratitude and forgiveness.  Opening our hearts with generous appreciation to community honors the goddess, particularly in her form as Kushmanda.

Sunday night will celebrate Skandamata, a deity connected to Mars-like Kartikeya.   Honoring her can relieve us from quarrels and all types of disputes and heal skin problems.