This upcoming full moon is considered to be in Gemini according to Western astrologers; however, a glance up into the sky will clearly show the moon smack in the red eye of Taurus the bull.  This is actually far from the twin stars of Gemini (Castor and Pollux) and in the constellation of Taurus.  The moon will reach its climax of fullness on Saturday Dec 6th around 4:00 am PST.

    The red-giant star Aldebaran is called Rohini in Vedic astrology, which can translate as “red-girl.”   Red is the color of fertility, a possible reference to the ripening of fruit or the “blushing young bride.”    The moon is exalted in this lovely nakshatra, being a lunar mansion the moon longs to return to all month long.

    Rohini is the youngest bride of the moon and the most beautiful and seductive as well.   Rohini’s eldest sister, Jyestha  (opposite her in the zodiac in the jealous stars of Scorpio) was irritated by the moon spending endless days with Rohini and rarely visiting any of his other 27 wives.   She complained to her father. Prajapati, who put a curse on the Moon, which caused him to become ill and wane into a tiny sliver.   Since moonlight is important for life and fertility, all the plants and inhabitants of the world began to die off.  The Devas appealed to Prajapati to allow the moon to recover.   He agreed only if the moon promised to spend an equal amount of time with all of his wives each month.  The moon agreed to do this, but he continues to wax and wane as a reminder for him to keep his promise and not dally in the house of his favorite wife, Rohini.

    So this full moon is particularly auspicious because the moon will return to spend his day of fullness with his beloved wife Rohini.   The moonlight at this time will have a frequency that energizes creative endeavors, plants seeds, and increases the possibility of becoming pregnant (on every level).   Called the “star of ascent” and ruled by the creator god Brahma, this star rules the red-light of passion and motivation.   It’s a great time for art, music making, dance, and general sensual enjoyment

    This all seems fabulous, but on closer analysis this moon will be far from perfect.  Venus (the ruler of the moon) has just changed signs into Mula nakshatra, a particularly weak point in the zodiac, called Abhukta Mula.   Venus here can find itself in disappointing engagements. Be careful during this full moon of getting too wound up in emotions, letting your desires blind you, or getting carried away by false hopes.    Conceit and vanity could lead to trouble.  Excessive pride and expectations in our children and/or creations should be kept in check.  It’s possible to feel as though we are not getting the credit we deserve, or even that we have been plagiarized or stolen from.  

    Saturn’s aspect (a dristi based on sidereal signs) calls for release of ego attachments and identity pride.   Saturn has just moved into Anuradha, initiating his full entry into Scorpio.   New patterns are emerging on deep levels and great renovations and regenerations are at the forefront.   Surrender old attachments and beliefs about yourself and others.  Releasing the past is critical at this time to create positive forward momentum.