*Art by Android Jones
    The new moon on Tuesday night will be in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni,  the star of marriage and commitment.   Phalguni can be translated as “reddish lady,” a reference to fertility and sexual enjoyment.  This star, also called Denebola,  is not visible tonight, but it is located at the end of the tail of the lion is the constellation of Leo. (see star map below)

    The lunar mansions of Phalguni are said to be the “wedding bed of the sky.”  In Uttara Phalguni especially, love is idealized in pomp and pageantry and proposals may be given of absolute devotion.  But on this new moon night such proclamations may come under scrutiny, with venus sandi in sideral Leo and lord Mercury heading straight towards Saturn.

    It is fitting that this nakshatra lines up with the solar degrees of the equinox and the beginning of the sign of tropical Libra.  In the equinox Shiva and Shakti sit opposite from one another, at eye level and equal height.  Day and night are of the same duration and the peaceful balance of male/female polarity prevails.  Uttara Phalguni is ruled by a deity named Aryama, which is sometimes translated as “dear friend.”   In this lunar mansion we can be blessed with a comrade and protector who aids us in accomplishing a shared goal.  

    Partnerships and friendships will be at the forefront in this moonless equinox night.  Perhaps we have to get honest with our feelings about someone, have we been giving too much?  The new moon can renovate and start again, facing problems authentically and with the aid of a common desire for commitment.  However beware, this star can be prone to some high expectations and tragic disappointments, as in the spirit of Romeo and Juliet.   Whichever way it goes, deep processing and transformation could really create new balance and vision in love and partnership this lunar cycle.   (Especially with the distant planet of the underworld, Pluto, going direct.)

    If you are not currently involved in a meaningful relationship, take special care at this time not to fall into bitterness or isolation.  Helping friends who are suffering or down on their luck is a favorable activity, for real solutions can be found.   Take it easy and treat yourself to a hot spring or spa time.  Friends you make in relaxed settings could become important later.

    Also, yogic practices and meditation are likely to be extra powerful tonight, since the veil is thin during the equinox and this nakshatra particularly stimulates the development of esoteric powers.