February is opening up with a full shakti-power Moon in the slithering kundalini star of Ashlesha.   On Tuesday Feb 3rd, the moon will enter Ashlesha at 9:00 am (PST), reaching complete fullness around 3:00 pm(PST).

Called the “entwiner,” or the “clinging star”, the nakshatra of Ashlesha is located in the head of the constellation Hydra, the female water snake.  The snake extends across a large portion of the sky and slinks head first into sidereal Cancer, the cardinal water sign ruled by the moon.  Cancer is the lunar sign of the divine feminine.  Amplified by the light of nearby Jupiter, the shakti of this auspicious full moon could be electrifying.  Open the channels of your mind and tune into this auspicious alignment.

The deity that rules this star is Ahi the Naga of wisdom.  Nagas are venomous, fire breathing snake-dragons, capable of shape shifting, with many heads and dangerous split tongues. Nagas are also believed to have profound wisdom and spiritual power, they are adepts at occult studies and tantric practices. They are described as having a gem protruding from their third eye and are said to dwell in the deepest layer of the underworld. 
Coiled at the base of the spine, the Naga realm is the space beyond mind that taps into the most fundamental power currents of our being.   It is this source of universal energy that, if harnessed correctly, can be used to completely transform consciousness.  

 In India this full moon is celebrated as Bhairavi Jayanti.  The birthday of the fierce goddess Bharavi, a terrifying form of Kali, who is said to easily devour the most powerful of demons.  Bhairavi is also the title for a female sadhu (or sadhvi) who has succeeded in mastering the art of Tantra.  Bhairavi is the power of Shakti, it is the primordial cosmic energy that keeps all of creation in motion.  This is a fabulous time to remember and honor the power of the divine feminine, whether you are male or female.

*Snakes are common symbolic motifs cross-culturally, connected to feminine sexual power and spiritual knowledge.
The full moon will be aligned in sidereal Cancer with a doubly strong Jupiter, triggering several auspicious astrological yogas.  These yogas will have an uplifting effect on the lives of people with prominent natal points in Cancer.  One such yoga is Kesari yoga. The scriptures say that this gives a “lion-like” disposition which “destroys enemies and impresses the audience with noble and lofty ideas.  His behavior will be both passionate and emotional…” (Phaladipika 6:14). This passion could inflate us with optimism and motivation, lifting our focus up to higher wisdom. 

However Ashlesha can get insecure and competitive, so don’t exaggerate your self-importance.   The lion-like bravery of this moon could instigate some challenging situations between people if the split-tongued snake decides to bite with some unchecked words.  Since retrograde Mercury has direct dristi with this yoga and is getting a hard dristi from Saturn as well, there could be a need to watch that words are authentically motivated.  Be careful of agitation and defensiveness, especially with the opposite sex.

Take care of your mental health at this time.  The healing and nurturing power of this full moon can create spiritual breakthroughs. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression try practicing meditation, or an energy healing remedy like reiki.  Hypnosis and other techniques like EMDR will have exceptional potential for healing at this time. Trance inducing music can create deep states of consciousness, as well.  Medicines, especially alternative (like homeopathic or herbal) received at this time will have powerful effects. Be careful of psychotropic drugs, the scope of deep astral travel is unpredictable in this nakshatra and could bring overwhelming experiences.