The portals are opening. On Feb 19, 2019 (7:54 a.m. PST), the largest and brightest full moon of the year will shine a brilliant, healing light from the spirit world beyond. This auspicious full moon, known in India as the Magha Purnima, can illuminate the inner world of the soul and reconnect us to our ancestor spirits. Listen closely, and you may hear the ghosts of generations past, who watch silently over our lives, whispering words of wisdom and guidance.

Shining in the area of the sky (nakshatra) known as Magha, this full moon is considered one of the most spiritually-charged of the year. Called the the great one,” or “the heart of the Lion,” magnanimous Magha is the brightest star in the constellation of kingly Leo, and is symbolized by a royal throne. Representing honor and power, Magha connects us to the lineage of our ancestors and the unique karmic legacy they have left us. 

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Because karmic patterns often repeat themselves in subsequent generations, a great deal can be learned right now by examining the lives of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Take time to honor the elders in your family, no matter how little you may know or understand about their lives. The Magha Purnima presents an opportunity to heal by remembering those who preceded us, and to release the karmic stories of the past.

Celebrated in India by bathing in holy rivers, chanting mantra, and giving to charity, it’s said that the Magha Purnima magnifies the power of good deeds and lifts our prayers up to heaven. Around this time, water is also imbued with the power to wash away any accumulated negative karma, and the beneficial effects of charitable donations are said to be multiplied exponentially. If you’ve considered giving to a new charity, or volunteering your time at a soup kitchen or a senior center, now would be an ideal time to start.

Magha is also the home of the ancient Vedic deities called the Pitris, the original forefathers of life on this planet, who watch over the earth and all living creatures. Their highest concern is to bring happiness and peace to all of their descendants, and to help them transition from one life to the next. This Magha full moon can open up channels of communication with beings from the higher realms who serve as ‘guardian angels,’ such as the Pitris, or with ancestral guides from our family bloodlines.

Since January 29, Venus, the goddess of love and money, has been conjoined with stoic Saturn, which could stir up serious relationship and/or money issues. By February 24, though, Venus will separate from Saturn and cross the shadowy tail of the eclipse axis, the karmic shadow snake known as Ketu. This is a powerful time to heal emotional patterns that come from past lives, do relationship shadow work, and reconnect with twin flames. Fear of commitment, as well as abandonment, may flare up around this time, so avoid reactivity and stay open to surprising and liberating resolutions.

We are on the edge of a powerful shift. On March 6, Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the karmic shadow snake, will enter communicative Gemini and idealistic Sagittarius, where they’ll cause transformative eclipses for the next year-and-a-half. These eclipses could realign us with our core beliefs and increase our flexibility when it comes to business and communication. A fight for truth at any cost could ensue, as Ketu will also be conjoined volatile Pluto and the karmic task master, Saturn, which will add a gritty dose of realism. Stay tuned to learn more about the Saturn-Ketu-Pluto conjunction this year, subscribe for free Vedic Astrology forecasts.

On this bright, auspicious super moon in Magha, take the time to reflect on your ancestors and use the moon’s celestial light to connect with their support. Release the stories of the past, and stay open to new possibilities. This is a potent time to let go of past beliefs and reimagine who and what you might be on this beautiful planet.

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