Tsuyoshi Nagano

​It’s soul retrieval time.  The new moon of May 25, 12:44 pm PT, is a creative bombshell that will get things moving and accelerate your spiritual growth.  The new moon – a super moon – will pass closer to the earth than any other this year, magnifying its influence on the world and igniting one of the most potent lunar cycles of  2017.
In Vedic astrology, the new moon falls in the area of the sky known as Rohini.  Translated as “Red Lady,” Rohini exudes extraordinary beauty and attractiveness and is said to be the favorite wife of the moon.  When the moon transits Rohini, its alluring influence increases and sparks of creative passion can fly.

Rohini gives creative joy through Rohana Shakti – the power of fertility and growth.    This rejuvenating new moon sows seeds of potential that will sprout for months to come.
New Moon in Rohini may be especially inspiring for artists, entertainers and musicians. Rohini moon connects us to the joy and bliss of the moment and allows the juice of new life and love to flow again.


Rohini is the red-giant star called Aldeberan. The red-eye of Taurus the Bull.

In India, this new moon is celebrated as Vat Savitri, a day when women fast for the health of their husbands and remember Savitri, the radiant princess of light.  Savitri was the beautiful daughter of the rising sun. She had immense spiritual power that she achieved through great focus and determination. 

After the death of her young husband, Savitri confronted Yama, the Lord of Death, and demanded that he release him. Yama, impressed by her great courage and austerity, granted her the power to bend the inflexible law of death and bring her husband back to the world of the living.
Savitri’s stand against death represents the inevitable cycle of love and loss and the miracle of rebirth that is offered within it. This new moon cycle takes us from the tomb of endings to the womb of beginnings. Take time now to remember what you have lost in life and also what has arisen from the ashes of the past.
The waning moon of May 25 is also the all-important Shani Jayanti:  the birthday of Lord Saturn.  Saturn is the boss of karma and the lord of limitations and he may leave us feeling helpless against life’s hardships.  However, Saturn is always fair and just and he supports the balance of cause and effect.  Selfless acts of service please him, and it is said that Saturn can bless the humble and kind-hearted with great luck in life and profound spiritual wisdom.
Take heed, coming up in June, retrograde Saturn will reach its brightest luminosity of the year, and simultaneously cross the notorious Vedic gandanta degree – the karmic knot of transformation.  Expect surprising developments and destabilizing situations, especially if you are currently in Saturn Dasha or under the influence of a strong Saturn transit.  To find out more about how Saturn affects you on a personal level read my free article here:  SATURN – Shifting Foundations in 2017.

The cycles of change are turning within this new moon.  This is a time that may mark final closures, while simultaneously rebirthing new possibilities though inspired creative vision. Rohini, the “star of ascension,” gives us the power to rise above the past and grow stronger and more fulfilled than ever before.  

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