Bill Woods

Batten down the heart and get ready for stormy weather.  The new moon of June 23, 2017 (7:31 pm PT) is a super moon that kicks off an energetic cycle of emotional renewal.
The New Moon will be in the area of the sky known as Ardra Nakshatra, the “storm star.”  In Vedic Astrology, Ardra supports the summer monsoon rain and is symbolized by a teardrop falling from the sky. Weather systems are likely to take on exceptional momentum in the weeks to come. 
A stormy form of Lord Shiva named Rudra resides in this nakshatra.  It is said that Rudra’s howling thunder shakes up the status quo and sets the spirit free from unhealthy attachments.  The rainfall of Ardra breaks tension and stagnation and wets the ground for new growth and self-understanding.

Ardra – the Storm Star – the brilliant star in the constellation of Orion called Betelgeuse.

Though not smooth and easy, Ardra new moon offers a dramatic opening for clearing the air and releasing the past. If you have been suppressing thoughts or feelings, this new moon can give you the courage to step up and take action.

Retrograde Saturn recently transited into sidereal Scorpio on June 20.  An edgy and uncertain feeling abides in the transformative abyss between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Called the Mula Gandanta – the knot at the edge of destruction and regeneration – this rare and powerful transit can create important turning points in life. Read more about Saturn’s effect on your sign.

Saturn’s exit from Sagittarius releases expansive Jupiter from a vice grip-like aspect that has held him since January, allowing for new light of vision and hope to shape the weeks to come.

Take heed, the new moon will also be conjunct war-like mars, increasing Ardra’s emotional drive and possibly stirring up relationship issues, particularly within families. Consider how others may feel excluded or unappreciated at this time. This is a lunar cycle that offers extraordinary insight and opportunity for healing old relationship and family wounds.

Mercury in Gemini strengthens this new moon with the capacity for improved communication – as long as things are not taken too personally and dialogue is not cut short by Ardra’s restless nature.

Ardra new moon’s unruly storm will release tension and clean the atmosphere of out hearts. Use this stormy new moon as an opportunity to process through unresolved feelings, and transmit them into greater self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Remember that without rain, there can be no new life. 

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