by Freydoon Rassouli, Iranian artist.


This full moon – a super moon – open your mind, body and spirit to the infinite healing possibilities offered by its light. This powerful lunar event will shine a brilliant beam of visionary light into our hearts, allowing us to open to extraordinary insights and uncover secrets that may have previously kept us in the dark.

Drawing closer to the earth than any other time in its year-long perigee cycle, this radiant super-moon will reach culmination on Saturday, Aug. 29, at 11:35 am PDT. Its nurturing beams of light have the potential to produce miracles and to cure seemingly unresolvable physical issues.

The lunar cycle will peak in the stars of Satabhisha, which translates literally as “100 healers,” and is in an area of the sky within the constellation of Aquarius. The purifying waters of Aquarius pour through these stars and into the deep cosmic ocean of the night known as the Milky Way. These mysterious waters create a kind of portal through which descends a primordial healing power unmatched by any other this year.

This full moon is a great time to recharge your batteries and bask in the glow of its divine luminescence. The days surrounding the full moon would be an ideal time to visit a healer, acupuncturist, or physician in regards to a chronic health issue, and will take you miles towards resolving it.  Illness rooted in Satabhisha is often difficult to diagnose, however if the treatment is applied under its influence the remedy is highly effective. Since Neptune is conjoined the full moon, energy workers, shamans, and those that work with subtle channels are especially potent.

To fully harness the healing potential of this full moon, consider how you might take greater responsibility for your health and well being. You may want to reexamine your diet and lifestyle at this time, taking stock of how your eating habits and sleep cycle, for example, may be draining your resources.


VARUNA is the Hindu god of the water and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of the underwater world.

Satabhisha calls down the power of the ancient Vedic god of mysterious ocean depths, Varuna. Varuna’s body represents the dark night sky and the stars are said to be his all-seeing eyes. Satabhisha is called the “veiling star” because of its powerful ability to cloak (and uncloak) the mysteries of consciousness.

This Full moon will momentarily thin the veil of illusion, allowing us to briefly glimpse the occult realms that normally elude our gaze. Be forewarned, however, as this moon could also bring to light more than a few dark secrets. The Ashley Madison hacking scandal, for example, which has been building in intensity through Venus Retrograde, is pulling the veil off the identities of many of its subscribers and is reaching a new climax on this Full Moon.

The North Node, Rahu, is the head of a serpent demon who devours the light of the moon and sun during eclipses. Rahu’s unique and insatiable appetite rules over this month’s nakshatra, Satahbisha. Because of Rahu’s conjunction with exalted mercury, the time is ripe for novel discoveries and the birthing of new and innovative technologies. Powerful and transformational realizations can open new playing fields in our hearts.

This is a prime time to heal past traumas and wounds. Focus on a feeling of wholeness that holds you safe and protected under the light of this full moon. Jupiter’s graceful dristi from the sun promises brilliant revelation and expansive support. New perspective and self-understanding can free us from destructive patterns of addiction and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to make your own healing moon-water! Place a full glass of clean, pure water outside under the waxing moonlight on Friday night, in order to absorb the full potential of its healing powers. The highest potency moonlight will begin at 3:00 a.m. PDT on Saturday. Use a clear glass container, and if you have pearls or moonstones, you can place these in or around the glass in order to amplify the lunar absorption.
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