‘Tis the season of truth. On Jan. 20, a Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse will turn the moon a dark red color and help to liberate our deepest inner truths. The shadow of this rare eclipse, which in the U.S. can be glimpsed from coast to coast, will clear stagnant emotions and unearth self-knowledge that has been buried inside of us for years, decades—or even lifetimes—waiting to be discovered.
Lasting a full hour and two minutes, and peaking at 9:16 pm PT, this potent total lunar eclipse can portend spiritual breakthroughs, personal revolutions, and uprisings of the heart. Outdated belief systems that no longer serve our highest potential are up for re-programming, and karmic ties that keep us tethered to past relationships can be severed around this time.
Occurring in the area of the sky known as Pushya, the Vedic star of nourishment, this extra-long Super Blood Moon eclipse has the power to awaken us to true and heart-felt feelings.  Have we been providing our inner children with the nourishment they so desperately need? Symbolized by a lotus flower blooming through the mud, or the nourishing udder of a cow, Pushya’s divine love can accelerate our spiritual and personal growth in the weeks and months to come.

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Teachers, counselors, judges, and guardians of sacred traditions are especially influenced by this powerful eclipse. Since Pushya is the home of the Vedic god Brihaspati—known as the guru, or teacher, of the gods—the eclipse could disturb the status quo at traditional academic institutions and religious organizations, ushering in much-needed change.


The lunar eclipse is visible in totality North and South America, UK, and Norway.

In Vedic astrology, the eclipse shadow is represented by a karmic serpent. Rahu, the head of the serpent, will devour the moon in sidereal Cancer, making this the last Cancer lunar eclipse for nearly a decade to come. If you have a Cancer moon, sun, or rising sign, you may be particularly affected by the eclipse. To learn more about how, book a Vedic Astrology Reading.
Since the beginning of the year, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, and Venus, the planet of love, have been in close proximity to one another, lending an added dose of empathy and generosity to human interactions. At the time of the eclipse, the planets will form a near perfect trine with Mars, the planet of war. The addition of energetic Mars will increase enthusiasm and could ignite heart-opening connections with others.
While this may be a powerful time to connect with the people who nourish and support you, the hours surrounding the eclipse would be better spent alone, in quiet meditation and prayer. The power of mantra is magnified exponentially during an eclipse, so if chanting is a practice you enjoy, then sing out loud. Just be sure not to stare at the eclipse; meditation, fasting, and prayer are the best ways to harness its transformative power.
Take heed, though, because just a few hours after the eclipse, Venus and Jupiter will merge to form a planetary war, known as graha yuddha, that lasts for two days. During this time, be mindful of taking confusing advice from friends and teachers, and be careful not to overstep boundaries. Make an extra effort to stay in sync with your true feelings.
Use the days surrounding the eclipse as an opportunity to cut negative karmic ties and reboot any self-defeating belief systems. Recalibrate your soul’s frequency by writing down five things each day that you’re grateful for, whether they be friends, pets, or simple things like food and shelter that you might normally take for granted. Appreciate how much is supporting you right now, and contemplate how you can nourish and support those in need.
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