The final full moon of 2021 shines like a spotlight on higher love, truth and fulfillment. Blessed by an expansive influence of Jupiter, the full moon of Dec 18 is an omen for positive change and an auspicious time for New Year’s resolutions.  Get 2022 Horoscopes. 

This full moon is also at an emotional turning point in regards to love, money, and your sense of true fulfillment.

The full moon falls just before the tipping point between light and darkness, at the solstice on Dec 21. In the northern hemisphere, the solstice is the beginning of Uttarayana, a season of spiritual growth when the days begin to lengthen and grow brighter.

In Vedic astrology, the full moon falls in the area of the sky known as Mrigashira (Mriga means deer, and shira means head). Symbolized by the energy of a wild stag, Mrigashira is called the “searching star,” as it seeks out what nourishes and guides it forward. As a deer seeks out its flock, this full moon desires meaningful connections with others.

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Venus Retrograde (Dec 19 – Jan 29)

The following day (Dec 19), Venus, the planet of connectivity and love, will stop, turn retrograde, and begin a transformative rite of passage that will last until Jan 29.   During this confusing and often passionate time, Venus disappears from the night sky and drops into the sun, where delusions of the heart are burned away.  It may feel like a “make it or break it” situation in some area of your life, especially by January 8, when Venus conjoins the sun in full combustion.

On her 40-day retrograde journey through the sun, Venus, the planet of receptivity and desire, can ignite passions—or sever them, if need be. Venus retrograde can draw you into reliving old emotional patterns or nostalgic activities. She can also show you where you need to be more realistic, or draw clearer boundaries in relationships

Unfinished business with exes may also be up for a resolution.  The planet’s backward transit can be a real wild card, and extreme swings are par for the course. You may vacillate between obsessive desire and stoic resistance, and your emotions could reach a heightened state of clarity and integrity after Venus stations direct on January 29.

Artistic creative expression is especially potent around this time, as is all kinds of sensual experiences. Just be mindful not to get too swept up in the moment or make rash impulsive decisions that you may regret later.

Venus retrograde can give healing and transformative insight into your relationships, as well belief patterns around money.  This is a time which can strip away illusion, allowing you to see and ask for what you truly desire.

If you are currently in a relationship, this may be a pivotal time to work on issues that have been swept under the carpet. Great healing is made possible through renewed appreciation and deepened vows of commitment at this time.

The reappearance of Venus at dawn is called the “Heliacal Rise” and due to the phenomenally symmetrical pattern of Venus’s movements it returns to rise at nearly the same degree point in the sky every 8 years.   Take a look back to January of 2014 and consider what was going on in your life, especially in the Venus ruled subjects of love and money.  What has been discarded and what has been transformed? A cycle that began then is coming to its completion now.

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