Hang on tight, the solar eclipse of Sept 1, 2016 (2:03 am PT) has the power to turn your perspective around – and upside down.  A fresh new vision could change the game for many at this time, shifting awareness and changing hearts for weeks to come, and opening a phase of renewal that will support lasting transformation.
In general, eclipses accelerate change and cause turbulence, stirring up the cooking-pot of karma and freeing the earth of stagnation.  Although this one is only fully visible in central Africa, it will affect the whole word for weeks to come.
In this eclipse, the hungry shadow demon – Rahu – will momentarily swallow the sun up and bite at the tail of romantic Leo the lion. This eclipse will fall in the creative powerhouse of the sky known as Purva Phalguni – the lion’s tail.


Purva Phalguni is found in the tail of Leo. (includes the star Zosma)

This eclipse packs a powerful jolt for warriors of the heart and romantic artists.  It opens a portal to radical change; one that if held with love, can support positive shifts in relationship dynamics and expand the vision of your future life path.

Lord Shiva himself, began his marriage procession under this auspicious nakshatraPurva Phalguni can cause the transformational urgency of the eclipse to magnify the intensity of our intimate relationships, perhaps inflaming our hearts with new standards of desire. Shadow work and work around intimacy and boundaries can give profound insight in the days surrounding the eclipse.
Eclipse energy also purges out old patterns, whether it be relationship patterns, emotional baggage, or cutting cords with people and things that no longer serve us.  This is a good time to clean out clutter and clear away old items, allowing space for the new to enter.
Purva Phalguni is ruled by Bhaga, the god of earthly enjoyments – food, sex, and wealth.  Be careful not to overindulge around the days of the eclipse, as this nakshatra is notorious for its fierce need for self-expression and enjoyment.
Bhaga is in charge of distributing wealth fairly and keeping communities and families cooperating and at peace. This eclipse may suddenly inspire people to clear the air of unspoken resentments they may have had with one another. It could also overturn old agreements and arrangements, such as wills, leases, and business contracts.

Mercury the planet of communication and transportation will begin its retrograde phase two days prior to the eclipse, on August 30, 2016.  According to Vedic Astrology,  Mercury’s ability to judge the efficiency of habitual actions and strategies is increased during the retrograde cycle, allowing for a new perspective in daily choices.   Mercury retrograde, although it may seem only to cause delay and miscommunication, is an excellent opportunity to revise and reorganize your life.  Reconnecting with old friends and reconstructing how we view the past can have a deeply healing effect. Mercury retrograde will end on Sept 21, 2016.
Take heed, for during the Sept 1, 2016 solar eclipse Jupiter’s tight alignment with Mercury retrograde will create what is in Vedic Astrology known as planetary war.  This may weaken our ability to make discerning choices and could confuse us with unrealistic advice.   Although there may be an urgency to find an immediate answer during these stormy eclipse days, try not to rush into making any important commitments or final decisions for at least a week.
This eclipse is certainly heart-centered and can trigger some deep karmic renovation within our relationships and creative projects. Whatever your creative interest – or obsession – this eclipse could mark a turning point in your heart’s journey, possibly bringing to a close old chapters and opening new ones.

Bhaga – the god of earthly enjoyment (kama) is one of 12 solar deities, the Adityas.

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