Embrace the shadow and look within.  The solar eclipse of February 26, 2017 (Max 6:58 AM PT) has the power to reveal hidden secrets and spark transformative realizations.  If you have been struggling to cut loose from the past, or to liberate yourself from chronic doubt or illness, this powerful eclipse could give the healing jolt that is needed. This is an opportunity to fling open the veil of self-delusion and allow the light of truth to shine in.
The sun and moon will join with Ketu, the planet known to be the most spiritual and detached of all nine planets in Vedic Astrology, to light the cleansing fires of liberation. Symbolized by a headless serpent, the shadow demon Ketu will whip its mighty tail through the Nakshatra—or area of the sky—known as Satabhisha, which represents insight and revelation.
Satabhisha, which translates literally as “100 healers,” is in an area of the sky within the constellation of Aquarius. The purifying waters of Aquarius pour through these stars and into the deep cosmic ocean of the night known as the Milky Way. These miraculous waters create a portal through which descends a primordial healing power.  Illness rooted in Satabhisha is often difficult to diagnose, however if the treatment is applied under its influence the remedy is highly effective.
The Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri—or “The great night of Lord Shiva”—falls prior to the eclipse, on the evening of February 24, 2017. On this night, the thin sliver of waning moon—the Shiva Moon—which he wears in his matted hair, will be seen rising before dawn.
In India, it is customary to stay up all night, fasting and singing mantras to Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer. Often depicted in a wild dance of destruction, Shiva is also seen as the consummate yogi seated quietly on a Himalayan mountainside, deep in contemplation.
Satabhisha is called the “veiling star” because of its powerful ability to cloak (and uncloak) the mysteries of consciousness. It is said that Lord Shiva burns through this veil of illusion – maya – when he opens his third eye, and that prayers and offerings to him have the power to alter the laws of destiny and break our karmic ties. By offering your prayers to Lord Shiva, and by repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the healing process sparked by this eclipse.
Take heed, this solar eclipse could unveil shocking secrets and uncover long lost skeletons in the closet. Important information about public figures may be leaked in the weeks surrounding the eclipse, and investigative probes of political leaders could bring groundbreaking discoveries.
Though solar eclipses generally hold an element of shock, this one is matched with the somber and sobering influence of Saturn, which grounds its transformative power into realistic vision.   This is a detoxifying eclipse that can allow deeply embedded karmic patterns to be seen and transformed. Be sure to wear light colors on this eclipse and engage in quiet meditation and reflection.
Although this Solar Eclipse will only be visible in totality in areas of South America, the Atlantic Ocean, and Africa, its influence will be felt whether seen or not.  People who have critical natal points in sidereal Aquarius and in the nakshatra of Satabhisha are especially affected. To find out how this eclipse affects you personally, book a reading with me.

Area of visibility of the Solar Eclipse