Arabesque Eclipse – by Ms Quinn

PicturePurva Phalguni is found in the tail of Leo. (includes the star Zosma)

If you noticed a tremor in the foundations of your life this week, you are not alone.  This Saturday (Sept 12th), the sun and moon merge into a partial solar eclipse that will open the door to a new level of heart-centered transformation.  In the coming weeks, decisions around how you are choosing to find fulfillment and meaning in your relationships may have life changing effects. 

On Saturday (from 9:40 pm to 2:05 am Sunday PDT) the earth-shaking Rahu will gobble up the sun and yank the tail of romantic Leo,  Purva Phalguni.   This is a wake up call to all warriors of love and hopeless romantics, opening new and unimagined chapters in love stories and creative projects.

As the eclipse approaches this week, pay particular attention to your emotional energy.  You may feel that conversations are a little draining or superficial. Let yourself retreat and spend time alone, if possible.  This eclipse specifically offers a dose of sobering transparency to any interactions that lack depth. It might be best spent in quiet contemplation

You can use this transformational energy to clear out old patterns, as there is a tremendous potential to release emotional baggage. 
Now is the moment to cut chords to relationships that no longer serve you. 

It is also a fabulous time to un-clutter your home.   Look around your living space and ask yourself if you have been using the items that you see.  Clean out unneeded possessions from closets and unclog you space.   Unhook yourself from unneeded patterns by letting go of old clothing, emails, or any other artifacts that remind you of relationships that have ended or times of life that you have moved on from.  Allow space for the new to enter.

This Eclipse is only a partial one and it is visible exclusively in Antarctica and the tip of South Africa.  However, its influence on our lives will still be felt, especially for people who have critical natal points in Leo and in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni.  To find out how this eclipse will affect you in particular, book a session with me here.

The north node, Rahu is the head of a decapitated shadow demon (a chaya graha).   Rahu has an insatiable appetite for the celestial light of the sun and moon and is the cause of eclipses.  Where his shadow is cast deep transformation follows (sometimes in the form of earthquakes and social upheaval).   The highest level of expression of this eclipse allows for us to open to change in an innovative way.  Take a moment to reflect at this time on how often chaotic situations later bring new horizons of possibility.  


The unruly shadow of Rahu will be cast over Purva Phalguni, the “celestial wedding bed, of happy lovers, wealth and fertility.  Lord Shiva himself, began his marriage procession under this auspicious star.  The transformational urgency of the eclipse can magnify the intensity of our intimate relationships, inflaming our hearts with new standards of desire. The goddess of love, Venus, is dawning as the newly emerged Morning Star, but she is finding herself in a near stationary alignment with debilitated Mars. The urge may be felt as frustration, calling us to create fulfillment, and challenging us to re-imagine our relationship patterns.  Summer romances may come to an end, but a new revolution in our hearts will just be beginning.

This may be an awkward time to publicly celebrate our accomplishments.  Remember, glitter does not sparkle under the shadow of an eclipse.   Take this opportunity to tune in and consider how you can be of true service to others instead — asking not what this world can do for you, but focusing on what you can do for it.

Issues around food, and how we nourish our bodies may also get triggered by this eclipse.  If you are struggling with your weight or body-image, this could be a potent opportunity to open to a new level of consciousness in alignment with your body.   Pay particular attention to how you relate to food that is nourishing and healing for you.  Harness this valuable energy and integrate it into new loving patterns of behavior.


Bhaga is the patron of good fortune and one of 12 solar deities, the Adityas.

Bhaga is the deity that rules over this area of the sky.  He is the god of enjoyment of food, sex, and all earthly pleasures, including true love and wealth.  As the story goes, Lord Shiva was angered by his lustful gaze, and so blinded him.  Like vision-less Cupid, love is often blind.  This eclipse could suddenly open our eyes to what has kept us until now in the dark. Take time to reflect on how you may have been denying deeper personal truths that are beyond the expectations and traditions of your family and relationships.   Consider how we are always evolving and growing, creating new standards of culture and ritual.  This is the time to open your mind to the infinite possibility of transformation in love.

To find out how this eclipse will really affect you on a personal level, you can book a session with me here.