Uncertain about your direction?  Teetering on the edge of the unknown? The new moon/solar eclipse of August 11, 2018 (max 2:46 am PT) is offering potent and transformative medicine. If you are ready to let go of the past and step into something new, this solar eclipse can give an exciting and motivational kick into the next chapter of your life.
The solar eclipse will occur in the area of the sky called Ashlesha nakshatra, “the entwiner.”   Symbolized by a venomous snake, this star has the power to entangle, trap, and strike its prey with poisonous intent. However, poison can also act as medicine in the right dosage, and Ashlesha has the cure for troubled hearts and illness, as well.

The Ashlesha solar eclipse can trigger self-doubt and also bring sabotaging behaviors into plain view.  What kind of poisons and toxins surround you? What do you allow into your mind, body, and soul? 

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A Partial solar eclipse not visible in the US, but will dim the sky over much of Scandinavia, Russia and China.

This is the third and final eclipse in a series that began over a month ago. Eclipse seasons are notorious for triggering change, shifts in consciousness, and unusual experiences in life. 
Take heed, the notorious and troublesome Mercury Retrograde is closely conjoined this solar eclipse.   Communication mix-ups, technical problems, and delays typical of Mercury Retrograde may be magnified now. Reunions with old friends and karmic relationships are also likely.
This is a time for tying up loose ends, and possibly cutting some ties completely out.   The solar eclipse can magnify Mercury’s backward thinking process, allowing for powerful and honest revisions of unfinished business and completion of unpaid debts. This Mercury Retrograde could resolve problems that have long been swept under the rug, but take heed, working through these obstacles may seem slow and arduous. Wear light colors and avoid situations that tax your nervous system. Mercury Retrograde runs through August 19.
Be especially wary of misunderstandings, as communication can slip into conflict now.  The added influence of fiery Mars and Ketu continues to heat things up,  while inflaming ambition and irritability in some people. Split-tongued Ashlesha can cause damage, so be patient with others and mindful of what you say.
Meditation, mantra and other yogic practices increase in potency now. Ashlesha solar eclipse can also magnify and distort the strength of medicine.  Be especially careful of pharmaceutical drugs and avoid mind-altering substances at this time.
The deity that dwells in Ashlesha is Ahi the Naga of wisdom.  Nagas are primordial, fire breathing snake-dragons, capable of shedding their skin and shape shifting.  Like a snake shedding its skin, Ashlesha solar eclipse can free us from entangling and disempowering beliefs by revealing inner shadows, and connecting us to deeper aspects of ourselves.

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