Storms are brewing. The solar eclipse of July 2 is stirring up some extreme weather, both internally and externally. If you feel like you’re swept up in a spinning cyclone, hang in there. There’s a fresh new start around the corner.

Eclipses occur when the sun and moon join the head and tail of the shadow snake – Rahu and Ketu.  Shifts in consciousness, unusual experiences, and the sudden acceleration of karmic forces (both good and bad), bring surprising and transformative experiences in the days and weeks surrounding eclipses.


Visible in South Pacific, Chile, and Argentina July 2 (9:55 am – 2:50 pm and reaches totality at 12:22 pm pacific time.)The solar eclipse will be in the area of the sky called Ardra Nakshatrathe star of storms.  Symbolized by a tear drop, this star is associated with the power of emotions to stir up hearts and minds.

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Ardra is the abode of a destructive form of Lord Shiva called Rudra, the “roaring god,” or the howler.  Rudra wailed and cried terribly as a child. When his father asked him why he was upset, he said it was because he had not been given a name. 

It’s often by naming and expressing our feelings, that we heal and recover lost parts of ourselves.  Emotions are the language of the heart and the inner compass that guides us to what truly nourishes our souls, but we often fight our feelings and ignore them by leaving them unnamed. 

Ardra is the star of the life-giving monsoons, the rains that start a new cycle of growth each year in India.  Ardra solar eclipse allows the rain of true feelings to be felt and released, ultimately bringing heart, mind and soul back into balance.

Ardra solar eclipse is a powerful time for inner work and self-dialogue, but it’s not necessarily an auspicious time for outward expression or confrontation.  Try to pay close attention to your feelings, write in a journal, and keep activities simple and easy.

Fasting, meditation and prayer during a solar eclipse are extremely powerful.  Practice mindfulness and listen to the Shri Rudram to magnify the blessings of Lord Shiva on this solar eclipse.

Take heed, fiery Mars and talkative Mercury continues to heat up personal boundaries, political debates, but also some tactless arguments. On July 7, Mercury will station retrograde in a planetary war with Mars.  Travel delays, miscommunications, overheated engines and overheated thoughts could abound.  Geminis, Virgos, Cancers, and anyone in a Mercury dasha are more sensitive to this influence. Mercury retrograde will end on July 31.

Often what we fear most in life is actually our greatest teacher.  The solar eclipse in Ardra can help you push through long held resistances, step out of comfort zones, and allow you to ascend to new heights of strength and empowerment.

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