Lord Shiva Nataraj. Lord of the Dance of Destruction – the Tandava.

Getting tired of the same old story?  A new chapter is opening with the solar eclipse of February 15, 2018 (1:05 pm PT). Stubborn karmic patterns and long held beliefs can be reconfigured in infinite ways now.  If you are ready to cut the cords with people and things that no longer serve you, this eclipse offers a transformative step into the future.

In this solar eclipse, the sun and moon will join with Ketu, the most spiritually detached of all the planets in Vedic Astrology.  Symbolized by a headless (egoless) serpent, the shadow demon, Ketu opens a spiritual portal through the Nakshatra—or area of the sky—known as Dhanishta, the drum of truth and wisdom.

Shiva’s drum – dhamaru.

​Also called the “star of symphony,” Dhanishta is symbolized by the musical instrument of Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Often depicted playing his drum in a wild dance of destruction, Shiva is also seen as a yogi seated quietly on a Himalayan mountainside, deep in contemplation.
The Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri—or “The great night of Shiva”—falls prior to the eclipse, on the evening of February 13. In India, it is customary to stay up all night, fasting and singing mantras to Lord Shiva. On this night, the thin sliver of waning moon—the Shiva Moon—which he wears in his matted hair, will be seen rising before dawn from 4:00 – 5:30 am (depending on location.)
Often eclipses are dreaded for the chaos they leave in their wake. However, since change is inevitable, it’s wise to follow Lord Shiva’s example and step forward in time to the wild beat of the drum. Dhanishta shows that within the chaos of life’s harrowing difficulties, there is a subtle music of higher wisdom and balance constantly ringing.
It is said that Lord Shiva can reduce the bonds of negative habits and beliefs to ashes with a single glance, and that prayers and offerings to him have the power to alter the laws of destiny and break our karmic ties. By offering your prayers to Lord Shiva, and by repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the transformative process sparked by this eclipse.
Although this partial solar eclipse will only be visible in areas of South America and Antarctica, its effects will be felt worldwide, as well as on a personal level, depending upon how the eclipse aspects your natal chart.  To find out how this eclipse affects you, book a reading with me.

Combust Mercury joins this eclipse, making travel especially susceptible to delays and detours. Carefully consider where you are headed and where you would like to be going now. Communication may be distorted and exaggerated so it is not advised to sign legal contracts or agreements until at least three days after this eclipse. 
The influence of combust Venus punctuates a cycle of increased volatility in love, partnership, and finances. Later this month, Venus will reappear as Evening Star, establishing her reign over the night sky for a 9.5 month period of renewed balance and receptivity.
This solar eclipse is an opportunity for releasing the heavy baggage you may have been carrying around for decades—or in some cases, lifetimes. The eclipse in Dhanishta can liberate you from the weight of old karmic patterns, if you are ready to step lightly on to the dance floor of life.