This full moon lights up with the stars of Purva Bhadrapada in the Great Square of Pegasus, specifically the stars Markab (α) and Scheat (β).   (see map below)

Purva Bhadrapada  is the first of a pair of lunar mansions representing the hearse that carries a body to its final resting place.   Found near the end of the cycle of the Zodiac, Bhadrapada translates roughly as “blessed feet,” the lowest and last of our body parts.  The humility and vulnerability of our attachments will be more pronounced in this deeply spiritual and emotional nakshatra. 

The deity that rules over these stars is called Aja-ekapada, and roughly translates as “supernatural one-footed one”, it is often described as a serpent dragon that brings storms,  a one-footed goat, or even a unicorn (perhaps also because of it’s connection to the mystical horse Pegasus.)    

It is easy to get quite serious and cynical in this heightened awareness of the cruelty of things.   There will be a natural attraction towards emotional purification and processing.   An itching dissatisfaction with shallow and superficial habits and patterns could create breakthroughs, but don’t torment yourself or others!

Venus is enhancing this moon in its opposition and styling up the flare on our despair.   Put on a bright colored scarf, and go to a tragic opera!   Any kind of creative expression that uses subtle methods will have a profound effect tonight.  It’s a good time for photography, music, or decorating the home.   Drinking wine with old friends or family and indulging in nostalgia may also be therapeutic.