The full moon of Sept 1, 2020 kicks off a month of turning points and breakthroughs on many levels.  This full moon has an innovative influence that can kick-start stagnate energy into motion and illuminate new pathways forward.

The full moon (exact 10:23 pm PT) is in the area of the sky called Shatabhisha, the star of 100 medicines.  This lunar sign (nakshatra) empowers doctors, visionaries, and shamans to resolve deep-rooted illnesses,  as well as underlying social problems.

Shatabhisha is called the “veiling star,” because of its ability to cloak and uncloak secrets. Truth can surface and mysteries can be solved on Shatabhisa full moons.

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It’s said that Illness rooted in Shatabhisha is difficult to cure, but treatment applied under its influence is highly effective.

The last Shatabhisha new moon occurred at the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, but this full moon in Shatabhisha  has the power to shine a light of new awareness on the virus and its mysteries. With hundreds of medications in development, September is a month that could present important advances in how to control and treat it.

Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the karmic snake, will change signs on Sept 22/23.   This is an important breakthrough for world karma and spiritual evolution, but keep things simple and to-the-point as the eclipse shadow crosses the karmic knot (gandanta) in mid-September.

September is also a turning point for both Jupiter and Saturn, as they station direct and bring a much-needed forward momentum into the future.

But take heed, fiery Mars in Aries is stationing retrograde on Sept 9.    Mars will appear to grow brighter (apparent magnitude) through mid-October as his willful influence increases, as well.  Tempers can flare and things may heat up, so stay focused on peaceful, non-violent forms of communication. Be extra careful with fire at this time.

The expansive light of this healing Shatabhisha full moon can increase spiritual insight, intuition, and inter-connectivity in community.  If you feel isolated or held back by the past, seize this opportunity to connect with others and move forward in your healing journey.

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