The new moon of Sept 30, 2016 (5:11 pm PT) will shine a ray of hope through darkness.  This new moon awakens our inner guidance system and plants a seed of healing light into the shadows of old wounds. Call on the quiet power of this new moon to regenerate your self-confidence and realign with a healthy sense of clarity and purpose.
The new moon will fall in the area of the sky known as Hasta nakshatra – “the hand of god.” Hasta channels the brilliant light of Savitur, the Hindu deity of the dawn.  Each morning, as the sun rises, Savitur breaks the darkness of night.  His solar energy awakens consciousness on our planet and impels us into action. The power of the rising sun is beaming through the haze of the subconscious night on this new moon, offering inner clarity and radiating insight for all those who inquire.


Savitur – Sun god of the RigVeda.

The close proximity of expansive Jupiter in sidereal Virgo gives this new moon an extra dose of healing inspiration. It promotes interest in changing diet and lifestyle and opens opportunities for supportive self-care. 
Take a moment to tune into your body and listen to its subtle messages.  Could you improve some of your daily habits? Do you take enough time to slow down and organize your thoughts?   Hasta is a nakshatra that empowers us with the clarity to organize and complete small and unfinished details in our lives.
This is also the first new moon of autumn (for those in the northern hemisphere.)  This means that the sun is naturally losing power as the days shorten and the nights grow longer.  Feeling depleted of energy is entirely possible; and for some, this new moon could trigger the deceptive and untrusting dark side of Hasta’s influence.  To fully understand how these astrological influences affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading.
Listening to, or chanting the gayatri mantra is a great way to empower the sun’s positive light on your life at this time.  Also, spending time in the warm rays of the sun and watching sunrises and sunsets can help remove uncertainty and increase your self-confidence.  Warm ginger or cinnamon teas, and foods spiced with saffron or turmeric also balance solar energy.

Gayatri Mantra

Om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ prachodayāt
– Rigveda 3.62.10

We meditate on the glory of that being who has produced this universe;
may its light shine into our minds.

New moons are portals to the inner world and the subconscious realm, and for this reason they can trigger anxiety and doubt.  This upcoming lunar cycle has a special power to combat this.

As the moon begins to wax again on Oct 1, Navaratri, the 10-day Hindu festival of the goddess will begin. These powerful waxing moon days are celebrated for their exceptional ability to accelerate spiritual growth and healing. Read more here to learn about the upcoming days of the goddess.

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*To fully understand how these astrological influences affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading with me here.