This weekend (Sept. 6, 2014) is lit by the waxing moon in Shravana.

Shravana is the lunar mansion of the “Ear of God” which rules the act of learning through listening and speaking.  

You can locate Shravana in the head of Aquila the constellation of the eagle.  See star map below.  These three stars (the brightest of which is named Altair) are also said to symbolize the three footprints of Vishnu.

The all-pervading Vishnu rules this Nakshatra, sustaining the mindfulness and concentration necessary to absorb knowledge through attentive listening.   A Shravana moon can increase intuitive abilities, free our minds to flow with ease, and increase our ability to observe ourselves and our environment.     

Just recently Mars has left Libra and escaped the heavy influence of Saturn.  He has entered Scorpio where he is back in his element to express the full intensity of his will.  This is further strengthened by Jupiter in its highest depth of Cancerian wisdom as it sheds it’s direct aspect on Mars.    The two will be propelling the energy of water to the forefront in the weeks to come.   It will certainly be a good time to finally get moving on what we have been feeling held back on, or hesitant about.   Great for action and focus and getting projects off the ground, especially for (Sidereal) water signs.

Also this weekend, Moon gets hit by the super abundant strength of exalted Jupiter.   Getting back into our studies and practices will seem easier, and learning can be fun. Also the goddess of music and knowledge, Saraswati, is said to be “born” under Shravana.   Appreciate the generosity of good teachers and listen to your favorite music.