Relationship Reading

Are you in the right partnership?

Take a deep dive into your personal relationships.

Whether it’s a marriage, friendship or business partnership, a relationship reading can reveal how you match up with other people. Know when difficulties are too great to overcome, or if it’s just a matter of weathering the storm.

A relationship reading lasts one hour and 10 minutes, and can include up to three different charts. The call is interactive, so feel free to ask questions. It also may include a Tarot Card reading if time allows.

All readings are conducted live via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.
An audio recording is available upon request.

$265 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

“Extremely refreshing and inspiring to talk with..”
It was extremely refreshing and inspiring to talk with Kari. She is very insightful and keeps the session fun and full of surprises. An astrology session with Kari feels like embarking on an emotionally exciting adventure. If you are in need of some solid support from the universe, I highly recommend you schedule a session.
Scott P.
San Francisco, CA
“…talking to her is like speaking to an old friend.”
Kari was super intuitive about reading my chart. So far she has been spot on about two things that unfolded after the reading. She also shares a lot of information regarding my chart and astrology in general, like what a planet means and what a particular house represents. Lastly, I appreciate how personable she is—talking to her is like speaking to an old friend. Check out her blog and follow her on her YouTube channel--she shares a lot of her knowledge and insights.
Carmel J.
Loomis, CA
“Her reflections on my past helped me to move on and be kinder to myself.”
Kari is awesome! She is so insightful, compassionate, and empathetic. I have seen her twice now and each time she helped to bring ease where I was feeling uncertain or anxious. Her reflections on my past helped me to move on and be kinder to myself. And her insights about relationship were spot on. I especially love the remedies, or antidotes, for what is currently challenging in the chart. She gives ways that are practical and fun to help strengthen weakened areas. As someone who feels knowledge is freedom and action is empowerment, I love the action steps that Kari gives me, to help me help myself along the way! Highest recommendation. Thank you Kari!
Tyra C.
San Rafael, CA
“Un-stuffy, non-dogmatic, very real and heart-felt..”
I was reluctant to get an astrology reading due to bad experiences in the past. Kari was so clear and relaxed that I realized right away this was going to be different. She shares her knowledge of this science with humor, ease, and enthusiasm. She is able to share what she sees in a way that is very down-to-earth, very suitable for our cultural lens as westerners. Un-stuffy, non-dogmatic, very real and heart-felt, I would recommend Kari to anyone interested in gaining a unique and beneficial perspective on the tides of their life.
Cristoph H.
Nevada City, CA
“…gave me some valuable insights on major themes in my life.”
Kari touched on all of my questions and gave a clear overview of my chart and the main things/transits/oppositions/etc. happening in it. She really put things into perspective, gave me some valuable insights on major themes in my life. Was a great reading, thank you!
Yaz Q.
Oakland, CA
“I've come away with a whole new way of looking at my life.”
After hearing Kari being interviewed on the 11.11 podcast I became curious about my Vedic Astrology chart. I'd never had one done before and she sounded like the perfect person to explain it all to me. How right I was! I had my reading this morning and absolutely loved it. Kari explains everything simply and beautifully and I've come away with a whole new way of looking at my life. It's the best gift I could have given myself this Christmas!
Amanda W.
Sydney, Australia
"Gained an understanding about why certain periods of my life were more (or less) fortunate, challenging, etc."
Kari is extremely knowledgeable about vedic astrology and is open and easy to talk to. After my reading I felt more clear about what has been, what is and what will be in my life because she explained the areas of my life that were being activated/supported and the areas that will be later on. I also gained more of an understanding about why certain periods of my life were more (or less) fortunate, challenging, etc. Vedic astrology has always been valuable to me as it feels like an opportunity to take sort of an "aerial" view of things my life. I find it's helpful in keeping things in perspective and also for making decisions about the timing of things that I want to create in my life. Kari is an excellent practitioner of vedic astrology and I would recommend (and have recommended!) her services.
Heidi G.
Warwick, NY
"I left the reading with useful tools to navigate my path.”
Such an insightful and inspiring reading. I felt that I left the reading with greater self-understanding and some useful tools to navigate my path. I have already recommended her to several friends. Kari's readings are a great gift of self care and insight.
Durga J.
Omaha, NE
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