If you have been feeling lost or uninspired by life lately, go outside and soak up some moonlight. The coming Full Moon of Jan 23, 2016 (5:46 pm PT) will beam a flash of insight into your soul and wake you from your stupor. The moon will reach its peak of brightness on Saturday and energize the entire night with an invigorating and expansive light.
The Full Moon will be transiting the area of the sky known as Pushya Nakshatra, where a mysterious cluster of dim stars can be found.   This nebulous nest of stars, called the Beehive Cluster, sits in the heart of Cancer — the sign of caring and nurturing.   The honey-beehive of Pushya is often described in Vedic Astrology as a blossoming flower or a milk-giving cow.   The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, and the full moon’s position there will charge this night with sensitivity, depth, and a spiked intuitive awareness. This is a full moon that opens the mind to higher realms of consciousness, magnifies the power of prayer, and enhances the atmosphere for meditation.


Beehive Cluster, M44

PictureBrihaspati, Guru of the Gods

Pushya is ruled by the ancient Hindu deity, Brihaspati.  Called the “Guru of the Gods,” Brihaspati is another name for the planet Jupiter.  This helpful planet empowers us with a higher sense of purpose through philosophy, ethics and moral beliefs.
At this time, humanitarian issues could come to the forefront and we may be confronted with problems of the sick, needy and aging in our families and communities. On a personal level we may feel more emotional and sensitive around the issues of protection and vulnerability at this time. 

The expansive and generous spiritual principles that bring humanity together as a whole will be illuminated by this full moon. At its best, it could push us to unite with others — expanding our capacity beyond what we could ever achieve alone.
However take heed, Mercury’s retrograde motion will be at a near stand still, challenging us to dig deeper to find solutions and probably leaving us at a loss on how to do so.   Misunderstandings and complicated interactions may cause frustration with people and systems.  In Vedic Astrology it is said that retrograde Mercury gives a heightened ability to rework (and reword) our strategies, and on this full moon night Mercury also happens to be in a tight conjunction with transformative Pluto.  You can find tremendous resourcefulness and new determination to cut through into inner truth at this time. With some determined effort, mysteries and secrets that hold the key to understanding may suddenly unravel, opening doors to whole new areas of possibility.
Jupiter will be in sambandha with Mercury as well, lending grace and guidance to our thoughts and endowing us with vision and hope.  This is a great time to reconnect with ancient scriptures and sacred lore and participate in religious ritual — or you can create your own Full Moon Ritual.  It is the perfect evening for gathering your friends to share food together and to share visions of the future. Planting seeds in a garden, or indoors in a pot of soil, is also a powerful way to channel the nurturing forces of this full moon.

Find someone you connect well with this evening and have a heart-warming conversation. You’ll see that giving and receiving guidance is supported by this full moon and it’s a fabulous time for reconnecting with our deeper principles and forgotten dreams.   Despite Mercury’s retrograde motion, our words can have a powerful effect this evening.  Sharing and speaking our intentions aloud can create a deep impact on our lives and the lives of others.
The Lunar Nodes Changing Signs
As I mentioned in my last article, we are at the brink of an important shift in global consciousness. By the end of January the lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will shift out of sidereal Virgo and Pisces and into Leo and Aquarius.  The nodes signify our personal ambitions, and the (often) unquenchable human thirst for satisfaction.  Where they transit, great passion, confusion and sometimes shocking change follows.
From the beginning of February, Jupiter and Rahu (the head of the serpent) will unite in the sign of Leo, deepening the effect of a Guru-Chandal yoga. This is considered an inauspicious planetary alignment in Vedic Astrology.  It is somewhat akin to a rebellious student attempting to take over a classroom, and then rewriting the rules and textbooks of the entire school.   

Great shifts of consciousness are possible with this alignment and it will certainly allow for creative freedom and out-of-the box thinking; however, things may turn out differently than expected by springtime. This may be an exciting and turbulent time for educational and religious institutions, teachers and students, parents and children.  Be careful of unclear guidance, false advertising, and too good to be true promises. 
How you will be personally affected by this shift depends a great deal on where it transits your birth chart and if you are running a dasha cycle of Rahu, Ketu or Jupiter.

To really understand how these planetary influences affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading with me here.