The new moon of Oct 16 (12:31 pm Pt) energizes spiritual warriors and all those who seek clarity, courage, and freedom from fear.   This new moon will expand the healing power of the goddess.  The 9 waxing moon nights to follow are celebrated as Navaratri, when the fierce and nurturing Goddess Durga descends onto Earth.   Read more here about the upcoming celebration of the demon-slaying goddess.

The new moon is in the area of the sky called Chitra, an auspicious star of truth and clarity. Chitra is symbolized by a shining jewel that’s formed under the weight of tremendous pressure and heat. This new moon can give insight and new opportunity, even under the pressure of crisis and tragedy.

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The new moon is opposed a dramatically brilliant and willful Mars, the red warrior planet.   Mars is retrograde and closer and brighter than it will be until 2035.   This courageous, but combative influence will continue to enflame conflict and debate for weeks to come.  Use this time to clarify your needs, boundaries, and cultivate a sense strength and self-reliance.

Fanning the fire with confusion, Mercury Retrograde began on Oct 13, with all its communication mishaps and delays. Mercury Retrograde forces us to slow down so that we can see things in another way, and perhaps find a better method in its madness.

Mercury Retrograde is coinciding with the final weeks of the US presidential elections, and will certainly add a wrench into an already strained mail-in voting process.  On Nov 3 (election day) Mercury’s velocity will momentarily come to a complete halt.  System crashes and missing data may abound, which could further cast doubt on an already quarrelsome election.

In these precarious times it’s more important to stay grounded and connected with the earth, and what is sacred to you. With the nourishing power of the goddess emerging on this new moon, there’s a radical opportunity for healing and spiritual growth ahead.  The fierce, loving, sword-wielding goddess Durga is well-known for slaying demons of worldly greed, ignorance and fear.  Use these empowering nights to come to connect with the light of compassion and clarity that shines within.

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