The full moon of Oct. 1 heralds a profound shift in global consciousness. This harvest moon (in the northern hemisphere) has the power to elevate our collective awareness, bringing us into higher alignment with our inner selves as well as our local communities.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Uttara Bhadrapada, also called the warrior star, this bright full moon (2:04 p.m. PT) will inspire both action and introspection. Symbolized by the back legs of a stretcher or coffin as it carries a body to the cremation grounds, Uttara Bhadrapada symbolizes death, rebirth, and the ability to see through the veil of illusion.

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As the fall season begins, it’s all about letting go of any emotional baggage you may still be carrying, and moving into the future with renewed strength and courage. The lighter our individual loads, the easier it will be to address the collective issues that demand urgent action, from our warming climate to the volatile political situation.

In a concurrent shift, Rahu and Ketu—the head and tail of the eclipse snake, respectively—have recently changed signs. For the next year and a half, they will be “exalted” in Taurus and Scorpio, speeding up the process of spiritual evolution; this means that Taurus and Scorpio will be in the path of the eclipses, foreshadowing upheavals on both the collective and individual level. How this shift affects you personally depends on how Rahu and Ketu influence your birth chart.

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This full moon is also positioned close to Mars, the fiery red planet of willpower, courage and independence. Mars is growing brighter by the day, intensifying conflicts and starting fires, but also working to restore strength and determination where it’s been depleted. At the same time, Jupiter’s expansive power is also growing stronger, uplifting our spirits and keeping us inspired, even as chaos swirls and uncertainty persists.

On Sept. 28, just three days before the full moon, the planet Saturn will go direct. Known as the Lord of Karma, Saturn is at a turning point in the star of Uttara Ashadha, which symbolizes the laws of nature that keep our world in balance. Saturn’s influence can be stern and unforgiving, but in this case, it’s pushing us to look outside of ourselves and see what’s happening in the natural world.

In a rare occurrence, Mars is now sitting on the edge of Pisces and Aries, a position known in Vedic Astrology as the gandanta, or the karmic knot. On Oct. 3, retrograde Mars will move back over the last degree of Sidereal Pisces, which is the last sign of the Zodiac. The final degrees of Pisces symbolize the deepest and most volatile parts of its ocean, and Mars’s crossing could spark unusual outcomes and unexpected events.

With so much astrological volatility on the horizon, it’s best to focus on cultivating awareness. Turn inward and do your best to let go of the illusion of how things were “supposed” to be, choosing instead to accept things as they are. This higher perspective can help liberate you from the small-minded, ego-based thinking that keeps you bound and tied, allowing you to see and appreciate what’s truly important.

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