The Full Moon of November 25, 2015, which will culminate at 3:44 pm PST, wields the liberating power of fire and sets ablaze old limitations and fears. Its influence will incinerate any restrictive expectations we may have of ourselves and others, forcing us to redefine the status quo and liberate us from set patterns that may have confined us in the past.
The purifying flames of this full moon can unclutter our minds and hearts, burning up self-defeating attitudes and beliefs, and igniting our ability to integrate new experiences with the tremendous clarity that only fire can bring. Particularly powerful is the fact that this full moon will culminate only a few degrees from its highest exaltation, the point in the sky known in Vedic Astrology as Mulatrikona. The added intensity wrought by this full moon’s placement will expand our minds, allowing us to forge more direct pathways and find alternative routes in our lives.
This full moon falls in the area of the sky known as Krittika, which roughly translates as “the cutters.” It cuts through the old with razor-sharp intensity, inspiring a feeling of urgency when it comes to resolving conflicts and dilemmas that may have confounded us until now. Old and unneeded patterns of behavior may suddenly be laid bare before us, increasing our appetite for more authentic interactions and reconnecting us with our deepest needs and desires. Often called the star of the spiritual warrior, its sharp blade and direct cut can pierce through delusion and hypocrisy to sometimes shocking effect.
The element of fire cooks and digests, transforming raw energy into the clear light of understanding. It burns away the impurities of the physical world, and is used as a bridge to the spiritual dimension. The Krittika full moon opens a gateway to the divine, and is especially inspiring for artists, writers and anyone who is delving into hidden matters. Under the fire of this bright moonlight, secrets can be revealed and lost information may be recovered.
In recent days, the sun has been approaching his enemy, Saturn, in the sidereal sign of Scorpio, challenging our sense of confidence and self-respect. Mars, the planet of war, has also been in a tense relationship with the shadow demon Rahu, and its adversary, Venus. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris express the underlying rage of war-like Mars, and his exaggerated influence at this time.
The full moon in Krittika also exposes our deepest hunger, and focuses a spotlight on our most basic needs for food, shelter, and safety. This can translate to a keener awareness of our physical appetite, as well as a heightened desire for feeding our hearts and fulfilling our creative passions. The sensation of hunger can cause us to lose our patience, or experience a feeling of lack in our lives.
On a personal level, consider what you have been hungry for. If you have been denying yourself downtime and self-care, or putting the needs of others before your own, this full moon will make that eminently clear. Working too hard and not allowing enough time for relaxation will cause undue stress and make us more prone to burnout. Be sure to balance the aggressive influence of Mars by prioritizing your own needs, and praying for the peace of the planet. It’s also advisable to refrain from indulging in vengeful thoughts, pride, and nationalism. The energy of Mars is best channeled through meditative martial arts like Chi Gong and Tai Chi, and like the powerful monkey god Hanuman, through acts of selfless service.
This is a good time to focus on the neediest members of society, and those who lack the most basic tools of survival. Volunteering with organizations that help feed and clothe the hungry, or donating to food pantries and expressing gratitude for the food you have, is a powerful way to channel the fire of this Full Moon. In the U.S., the moon falls the night before Thanksgiving, when we can all stuff ourselves to the brim. Giving thanks and feeding others is a powerful remedy and an effective way to help soothe our digestion, and insure against any last-minute cooking disasters.
The full moon in Krittika can be very blunt and direct in its communication, and this particular full moon is especially prone to conflict. The Ayurvedic dosha associated with fire is called pitta, and people with a dominant pitta constitution often have sharp minds and piercing eyes.  This full moon could aggravate pitta dosha. Be aware that tempers may flare around this time, lending ample opportunity for conflicts to arise with relatives, or unpleasant interactions around the Thanksgiving table. To avoid any unwanted holiday drama, be mindful of your interactions and bring an extra dose of compassion to the table.
In India this full moon is known as Kartikka Purnima, and is venerated as one of the most holy of the year. Throughout the entire month, Hindus make pilgrimages to bathe in sacred waters, and in the city of Varanasi, this full moon is celebrated as Deva Diwali, a festival of lights for the Gods. On this night, the steps of the river temples are lit up with thousands of lamps, and offerings of burning candles are floated down the Ganges.
This would be an ideal time to create your own fire ritual by composing a prayer on paper, and burning it in a fireplace. Alternatively, you can light a candle and visualize your prayer being consumed by its flame.
In brief, use the power of this Full Moon to take a critical look at all aspects of your life, and remain open to the possibility of radical change. Fire has the power to incinerate old karmic patterns with the intensity of its blaze, cooking up new perspectives, and reconnecting us to our deepest needs and desires.

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