Caroline Manière

Can you feel the goddess rising? The new moon of Oct. 8 will magnify the power of the Divine Feminine, cloaking Mother Earth in her brilliant, nurturing rays.
With a trio of goddess energies swirling around the new moon (8:47 pm PT), this is an ideal time to reflect on where your feminine aspects may have been wounded, and to recalibrate the balance of power between your masculine and feminine selves. Have you been too hard on yourself? Or neglected the magic of your own creativity?
Falling in the area of the sky known as Hasta Nakshatra, symbolized by a hand, this new moon will shine a light on creative endeavors such as music, writing, and cooking, which are all done by hand. Traditionally feminine crafts—think sewing, knitting, and embroidery—are also supported by the new moon in Hasta, and now would be a good time to learn a new craft, or start working on that memoir you’ve been meaning to write.

Hasta is associated with the Hindu god Savitr, as well as the Vedic goddess Savatri (also known as Gayatri), who symbolizes the rising sun. Savatri’s light shines through the darkness of ignorance and doubt, and leads us on the path toward greater self-understanding and awareness. Use the days surrounding the new moon to envision what it is your soul wants to manifest, and to listen closely to your intuition.
New moons are always a time to turn inward, and this is especially true now, with the addition of Venus in retrograde. Known as the Queen of Heaven, the goddess of art, love, beauty, and prosperity will retrograde from Oct. 5-Nov. 16. With Venus in retrograde, power imbalances will be exposed, and relationships, whether romantic or platonic in nature, could end as a result. At the same time, the romantic aspects of Venus in retrograde could stir passions and reignite the embers of a stagnant relationship.

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Society’s new awareness around sexual misconduct, which began with the #MeToo Movement, will continue to gather steam and expose abuses of power. The influence of Venus in retrograde can be seen in the allegations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination has been imperiled by the Senate testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The influence of Saraswati—Hindu goddess of wisdom, arts, and nature—will also be felt around this time. From Oct. 6-11, an alignment of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will form what is known as the “Saraswati Yoga,” a planetary alignment that magnifies creative intelligence and allows us to connect with deep wisdom and understanding.


Another dose of the Divine Feminine will be delivered after Oct. 6, as the moon waxes. In India, Hindus celebrate this time as Navaratri, a nine-night festival of the goddess. These powerful waxing moon days are celebrated for their exceptional ability to accelerate spiritual growth and healing. Read more about Navaratri and the 9 nights of the demon-slaying goddess.
With all this potent goddess energy swirling, now is the time to celebrate your own feminine aspects, and to take stock of where you may have given up your power in the past. Venus in retrograde will help to support you in setting new boundaries, and reclaiming your inner goddess as a force of wisdom and creativity.

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