Up against a wall, exhausted, or at the end of your rope? Hang in there! A rare karmic turning point is underway, and a new chapter of spiritual growth is about to begin.

On June 17 a new moon coincides with Saturn’s station retrograde — a rare and critical moment when Saturn, the Lord of time, limitation, and deadlines, stands dead still. This cosmic tipping point is for stillness, self-reflection, and letting go of the past.

The new moon (9:39 pm PT) occurs in the area of the sky called Mrigashira,  “the searching star.” Symbolized by the energy of a wild stag (Mriga means deer and Shira means head) this instinct-driven nakshatra brings up themes of emotional freedom, detachment and healthy boundaries in relationships.

With Venus the goddess of love, travelling with Mars through the emotional waters of Cancer, a transformational summer of love is gearing up.  This new moon highlights issues of belonging, and can amplify social anxiety for sensitive individuals. Stay open to new experiences and supportive connections.

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Saturn: The deity Shani, the god of Saturday, riding a crow.

This potent new moon falls only 12 hours after Saturn turns retrograde, and on Saturday, which is the sacred weekday of Saturn. This is an auspicious day for spiritual practices, fasting, and charitable donations. Take time to sit still (like Saturn is now) and meditate on what you’re committed to, what you value, or how you’d like to restructure your life.

Saturn retrograde can feel like a back-spinning on heavy work and responsibilities and a need to push through frustrating delays,  but Saturn also has a stabilizing influence that bolsters inner strength and common-sense.  This is a time to get clear on your needs, particularity if something is unfair, disconnected, or out of sync in your life.

If you’re looking for a new job or home, this new moon gives cautious determination that will ultimately lead to success. Use this time to tie up loose ends, catch up on delayed work, unopened mail, or to consider how to restructure debt and strategize for the future.

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