Ready to open a new chapter? The New Moon of April 5, 2019 marks the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Straddling the cusp of change might feel scary, but if you can embrace the uncertainty and take a free fall, you could find yourself in a far more satisfying place.

Located in the area of the sky known as Revati, a nourishing star of guidance, this potent New Moon (1:50 a.m. PST) is brimming with potential. There may be a sense that things are on the verge of change, as the path you choose now could have consequences for many years to come.

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This is the first new moon after the Spring Equinox, which sparks the growth cycle for the upcoming year and is considered to be the Vedic New Year. At this pivotal moment, charts are cast to predict political and economic trends for the next twelve months. We’re at a crossroads, both on a personal and a global level, so don’t feel alarmed – or alone – if your anxiety level has spiked.

Falling at the very end of the Zodiac, Revati serves as a gateway between death and rebirth. It’s also the astral home of the Vedic deity Pushan, who offers unconditional love and support in the face of great change or transition. Known as a guide star for travelers, Revati has the power to shepherd lost animals home and usher the souls of the departed onwards to their next destination.

The New Moon in Revati also initiates the Hindu festival of Navaratri – the ‘nine nights of the Goddess’ celebrated in spring and fall – when nine different goddesses, all aspects of the divine feminine, are celebrated for nine consecutive nights. To read more about the goddesses of Navaratriread article here.

The influences of Revati and Navaratri are generally considered auspicious, and positive change is coming, but it won’t be without complication. Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and higher vision, is now crossing between worlds on the degree of gandanta, which represents the karmic knot at the center of our galaxy, where a powerful black hole swirls. This portends an uncertain time for teachers, religious organizations, and government institutions; even personal beliefs could be up for a re-evaluation. 

On April 10, Jupiter turns retrograde, magnifying the intensity of our spiritual awareness and helping to unravel the tight karmic knots of the past. This Jupiter Retrograde will especially affect the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as those in cycles (dashas) of Jupiter.

With the continued pressure of Saturn on the tail of the karmic snake, Ketu, this is a time of general unrest and uncertainty. It is also a prime opportunity for personal and spiritual breakthroughs. When Saturn goes retrograde after April 29, amplified by the transformative influence of Pluto and Ketu, you might have an unexpected mind-expanding experience.

The New Moon of Revati offers a new beginning and a chance to reset the clock. Let the warm winds of spring blow you in a new direction, and trust that even if you can’t see where you’re going, the hand of Pushan will be there to guide you.

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