Shakti Yantra – The three sides of the yoni, the primordial triangle and creative matrix of the cosmos.
The New Moon of May 6 (12:29 pm PT) opens a portal to deep transformational growth through the power of female sexual energy. Sexual energy (whether active or not) is the strongest creative drive – and we all feel it or experience it, one way or another.  This primordial feminine power is the shakti from which the cosmos is built and from which all actions and desires are fueled. It is said to be the Divine Mother of the universe.

If you have been struggling to push forward, yet finding your progress delayed, this New Moon will provide a much needed moment to stop and recharge.  Open yourself to the possibly of spontaneously reawakening dormant passions and recuperating lost vitality.

The New Moon will be in the section of the sky, known in Vedic Astrology, as Bharani – the lunar sign of the yoni.  Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia and is a symbol of feminine sexual power.   While this power is frequently degraded and objectified in modern times, in Bharani the yoni is upheld as a symbol for the driving force of life and a gateway to all we desire.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this New Moon offers an opportunity to tune in to this powerful and driving force.  It supports tantric practices, sexual healing, and can help release self-punishing and negative beliefs. This New Moon will guide you to reclaim your power through clearing emotional blocks.

Sometimes the creative energy of Bharani can feel difficult to handle, as it may bring up darker issues of addiction and obsession.  Be careful not to over indulge on this New Moon in food, drink, or sex.

As the moon grows darker, it is common to feel our energy decreasing, as well as our enthusiasm and focus.  This month the approaching dark moon days feel particularly draining because of a rare astrological occurrence in which Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in retrograde motion.
This may feel exhausting, as increasing stress and pressure builds, yet progress slows. It could compel us to look back over our lives again and again, reevaluating and making up for missed details by revising and readjusting.

The Bharani New Moon can inspire us to look at our past and re-strategize our future by asking how we can experience life to its fullest.  It can reawaken us to our desires and open channels of motivation.  Try to allow time in the days surrounding the New Moon to reconnect to your inner wisdom.  Open yourself to experience beauty and enjoyment.


Bharani is also the star of Dark KALI, goddess of destruction.
A need for privacy and quiet is a natural tendency around the New Moon, however this Bharani New Moon could paradoxically push introversion into antisocial sentiments and beyond.

One reason for this, is that creative feminine energy works in tandem with the destructive power of death. It is natural to withdraw and focus inward when faced with the restrictions and limitations of death. The womb is a quiet and receptive vessel that incubates, and allows for regeneration, and rebirth.

Be aware that Bharani can also drive us to work very hard – frequently to the point of exhaustion.   It is, after all, the determined nature of the divine feminine that bares its children and creations again and again in the face of death.  

For this, it is best to try slow down and take it as easy on yourself  at this time – perhaps just keeping it simple by relaxing with a favorite form of entertainment.  Calm the mind with soothing activities and focus on self-care, if possible.

Overall, use this New Moon to create a safe container for healing and regeneration. Infinite creative power is offered by the Yoni Star.  Take this opportunity to reconnect to the core of who you are and what you desire.  This is the time to recharge your batteries with the most powerful of creative life forces – the shakti of Bharani.

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