art by Toni Truesdale

PictureDelphinus is depicted on the left of the constellations Aquila and Sagittarius

The New Moon cycle of Feb 8, 2016 starts right on beat at 6:39 am PT. This is a new moon of new beginnings, and one that may find us stepping to the rhythm of a different drum, inspiring us to dance into previously uncharted territories.
Opening greater cycles within cycles, this New Moon heralds the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey, a dynamic and creative force that will flavor the entire year to come.
The New Moon falls in the Vedic Lunar sign (nakshatra) of the cosmic drum, Dhanishta.  The celestial drum of Dhanishta is composed of four stars located in the constellation of Delphini (the Dolphin).  Lord Shiva plays this drum as he dances to the steady rhythm of the universe.  This is the sound of the primordial nada, the silent rhythm of our unique dreams and unlocked potentials as they unfold through time.   
If you listen carefully for this silent sound, you may be surprised at what you hear.  This new moon gives powerful insight into our lives by expanding our awareness and opening our senses to other realms of consciousness.
Universal sympathy that gives concern for social issues, are inspired by this lunar nakshatra. In the past this has produced powerful leaders with trail blazing ideas.  Abraham Lincoln was a native of this star, as well as Princess Diana and Barak Obama.
Life is governed by the unfolding cycles of time, and we each have a unique part to play in the divine timing and music of this world.  Also called the “Star of Symphony,” this a fabulous New Moon to gather and play music together because singing and playing musical instruments will be greatly enhanced.  The power of sound taps directly into the mystery of all creation and it is harnessed through music.  Anyone who has been touched deeply by listening to music has felt this unexplainable force that crosses beyond boundaries of language and culture.  
Chanting a mantra is another way to use the power of sound on this New Moon.  Since the words we speak aloud can strongly influence the material world, call in the power of manifestation through speaking your intentions aloud; or better yet, speaking spiritual words and divine names. Singing kirtan, sound healing, and all forms of music therapy will be highly beneficial.
Dhanishta is also well known for granting wealth and prosperity and great material opportunities can open in the lunar cycle to come.  Practical and grounded in its momentum, it can create powerful change from within and without. 
However, take heed, a one-sided aspect by Saturn as well as a square aspect from Mars may destabilize moods, and tempers could be short. Be careful of taking things too personally, especially when relating to the opposite sex, and try not to be controlling in social situations or you may feel estranged from others.
New Moons are supportive times for sorting out your thoughts and feelings in quiet meditation.  In the contemplative darkness of this New Moon open yourself to the opportunity to listen to the beat of your own heart, and witness the rhythm of who you are in the dance of creation.

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