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The new moon of July 23, 2017 (2:46 am PT) will deliver a much-needed dose of cosmic nourishment. Ushering in a powerful series of eclipses, this intense and spiritually potent moon can sharpen your intuition, magnify your courage, and open the portals to your deepest sources of inner wisdom.
Positioned in the area of the sky known as Pushya Nakshatra, the auspicious “star of nourishment,” this moon has the power to uplift the hearts of spiritual warriors and set hungry seekers on the path to self-knowing.
In Vedic Astrology, Pushya is symbolized by the milk-giving udder of a cow, and is thought to be a heavenly source of spiritual and emotional nourishment. Selfless acts of service, such as cooking for the elderly or caring for the sick, are especially powerful around this time—as is a healthy dose of self-compassion.
The Pushya new moon is ruled by the ancient Hindu deity Brihaspati. Known as the “Guru of the Gods,” Brihaspati is the consummate teacher, wiseman, and counselor. Under his influence, our conscious minds can open to seeing truths we may not have previously seen, and long suppressed memories and emotions may rise to the surface for clearing.
This will be the last new moon before the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21. A rare and important cosmic event, it marks the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse seen in the U.S. for nearly a century. Its impact on U.S. and global affairs will be far-reaching and felt for years to come. Simultaneously, it will spark changes and  transformation on a deep personal level.

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On this new moon before the eclipse, take the time to reach out to others who may be in need — especially those who have survived accidents or violent incidents. People may be feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable around this time, so be sure to offer your loving kindness and compassion if issues arise.
While the new moon is nurturing and compassionate, thanks to her placement in Pushya Nakshatra, she is also in close alignment with Mars, the planet of war and aggression. Those prone to moodiness and agitation may feel the influence of the red-faced planet and unwittingly stir up fights with significant others or family members. In fact, if you have been feeling emotionally off-center as of late, it may be due to the fact that fiery Mars has been heating up the sensitive waters of sidereal Cancer since July 12.   
While emotions may be running high, and tempers easily inflamed, the flip side of this new moon will provide you with the necessary courage and compassion to approach touchy situations with grace. Wisdom is not accrued by coasting through easy and comfortable situations but by confronting life’s challenges and learning from mistakes.
The new moon of July 23 will provide all the nourishment you need to grow your spirit and evolve your potential. Drink in its cosmic milk, and move forward with a full heart, knowing that the answers lie within you.

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