A new moon on Jan 21 (12:54 pm PT) marks a critical cosmic turning point.  Saturn, the planet of world karma has just moved into Aquarius, the sign of universal truth and higher awareness.  This new moon heralds a new paradigm for the world, and a new chapter for inner spiritual growth.

Since the beginning of 2020, Saturn has been in the earthy sign of Capricorn. In Vedic astrology, Capricorn is called Makara, which means crocodile — a tenacious animal that endures great challenges to survive. The last 3 years certainly has been a test of resilience for many people.

Now with Saturn in ethereal Aquarius until March 2025 there’s a new and higher realm opening.  Innovation in technology, communication, and artificial intelligence will speed up evolution in human consciousness, and challenge our understanding of property and shared resources. How this affects you on a personal level depends on how Saturn aspects your chart.  Check out your Saturn horoscope in this pre-recorded live class on Saturn in Aquarius.

The new moon on Jan 21 falls in the area of the sky called Uttara Ashadha, the “star of later victory.”  Ruled by the Vishvadevas — the universal gods who transmit the qualities of truth, justice, leadership, and willpower — Uttara Ashadha points us towards positive ideals that uplift the human spirit.

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Take heed, Saturn will also be forming a planetary war (graha yuddha) with love-focused Venus on this new moon.  Issues surrounding relationships, finances and artistic expression may feel particularly challenging between Jan 21 – Jan 23 (10:54 pm PT).

In India, the day leading up to this new moon is celebrated as Mauni Amavasya“the dark moon of silence.”  A vow of silence is often kept on this day, to make space in the mind for the sacred to enter.

As Saturn makes his transition into Aquarius, it’s the perfect time to stay quiet, slow down and take stock of your heart and soul. There’s a new opportunity to contribute and get involved coming forward.  How will you catch the blessings of Saturn in Aquarius? Learn more here.

How these planetary transits affect you personally depends on your birth chart.  Book a Vedic Astrology reading to learn more.