Light a candle or a lamp for the new moon of Oct 19, 2017.  Darkness is encroaching as autumn nights grow longer, but this new moon ignites a flame of spiritual light.  The upcoming lunar cycle will illuminate a path through the darkness of uncertainty and on toward a brighter future.
This is the new moon of Diwali, the 5-night Hindu “festival of lights” and the most important night of the year to honor Laksmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune. It is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. 
On the dark moon night of October 18 (before the new moon), lamps and candles are lit to banish the shadows and call in the light of prosperity. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, is also honored to give success for the coming year.

Laksmi, goddess of wealth and Ganesha, remover of obstacles.

Many big astrological shifts are happening in the weeks to come and this lunar cycle holds great potential for positive change. The Diwali new moon will be in the section of the sky known in Vedic astrology as Chitra nakshatra.  Chitra is a star of opportunity and insight and is associated with the ancient Vedic deity Vishvakarma, the celestial architect and master of innovation. 

But take heed, the distant ringed planet, Saturn, is now ending a three-year transit through sidereal Scorpio and entering fiery Sagittarius. The days leading up to October 26 could be particularly turbulent when Saturn crosses the final degree of Scorpio — called the gandanta or karmic knot.  Navigating this cosmic threshold could prove awkward, complicated, and ultimately transformative.  Read more about how this important transit affects you here : SATURN – On the Edge – Vedic Horoscopes
Simultaneously, the chaotic influence of the planetary alignment, Kala Sarpa Yoga, Serpent of Time, continues at intervals for the rest of this year. Natural disasters,  shocking incidents, and public scandal are common, as well as important shifts of awareness on a sociopolitical level.  The recent exposure of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assaults is an example of how the Serpent of Time can disturb, magnify and transform the status quo.
Use the power of this new moon to turn within and light the flame of your inner vision. A blessing from expansive Jupiter may deepen spiritual insights and subtle awareness.  Be open to learning from those closest to you now.

The new moon of Diwali has the power to increase prosperity, success and happiness. Light a candle (or diya,) focus your mind, and offer your highest intentions into the flame.

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