Picture*Snakes are common symbolic motifs cross-culturally, connected to feminine sexual power and spiritual knowledge.

Have you been feeling the pressure building? Been hooked in a snake-eyed staring match with your heart? On August 14th  (7:53 am PDT) the New Moon will reach the depths of its dark polarity in the mysterious KundaliniSnake star, Ashlesha. Long renowned for its hypnotizing powers, Ashlesha the naga-snake entwines around this dark moon in a mesmerizing embrace.

Retrograde Venus is reaching combustion with this New Moon, igniting her full form as the dark feminine. This rare alignment empowers us towards deep personal changes, possibly by bringing us to the threshold of our self-sabotaging beliefs.  Venus and the moon’s journey into the abyss of the sun can help us bridge the paradox of our subterranean desires into a new cycle of awareness.  This month, the lunar cycle holds the seed to this rebirth, allowing us to redefine our boundaries in new and empowering ways.

The deity that rules this area of the sky is a Naga. Nagas are venomous fire breathing snake-dragons, with dangerous split tongues.   They dwell in the deepest layer of the underworld and are capable of shape shifting.  They are also adepts at Tantric practices.  It is the many-headed naga-serpent, Shesha (on which Vishnu lays) who stabilizes creation and who sleeps coiled deep in the earth’s core. Also, coiled at the base of each of our spines is the Kundalini serpent.  When coiled and quiet it is our base support, but if activated it travels quickly and can radically transforms us.

It’s okay if one doesn’t feel like socializing on this New Moon.  In fact, it may be wise to take some alone time.  Meditation and relaxation is highly recommended now, especially if we feel emotionally destabilized.   The mind is likely to get tangled up in emotions and old wounds can suddenly open. Pay particular attention to how you react to situations that trigger your insecurities.  Ashlesha deepens wisdom through intense focus and increased perception of subtle energy, offering a big opportunity to transmute our old fears into healing self-awareness.

Relationships may hit a turning point around this new moon.  Fighting and manipulative behavior is entirely possible.  Unclear sexual energy can cause passionate interactions. It may be tempting to want to process a conflict with your friend or significant other, but it is best to wait until the moon waxes larger.   The split tongue of Ashlesha can sometimes do serious and unnecessary damage.

However, if you are already in the process of separation or divorce this is an appropriate time to finalize it.  Start the lunar cycle afresh by reflecting quietly on how you have lived and loved. Try to honor the love in your life more than the losses.

Venus will next be seen rising right before sunrise, just after the 21st of August. The heliacal rise of Venus is her symbolic rebirth and ascension to autonomous power as the Morning Star.   The rising of the Morning Star can open new realms of possibility for us all.

Be very cautious at this time around psychedelics and trance inducing activities, as unwanted Kundalini experiences may be triggered.
Also, be aware how others may be suffering at this time.  New moon in Ashlesha can feel overwhelming to highly sensitive individuals.

**To really understand how this lunar cycle and Venus retrograde will affect you on a personal level it is necessary to get a personalized transit reading.  From now until Venus goes direct on September 6th, I am offering these consultations at a special price.