PictureRevati falls in the last 13º20′ of the constellation of Pisces.

The New Moon of April 7, 2016 (7:24 AM PT) takes place on the threshold of endings and new beginnings. If you have been feeling confused and ungrounded as of late – or if you have recently been uprooted and traveling into unfamiliar territory – you are not alone.  The unsettling effect of last month’s eclipses has hit the fast forward bottom on many people’s lives.  This acceleration has brought forward much to integrate and may have left you at a loss as to what should come next.
Now is the time to reimagine the possibilities and rebirth your dreams anew. This new moon initiates a guiding force that will illuminate the path in the days to come and open new chapters of opportunity.
It is the first new moon after the Spring Equinox and sparks the growth cycle for the year to come. It is also considered to be the Vedic New Year, and at this pivotal moment charts are cast to predict political and economic trends for the upcoming year. The reason that this new moon is such a crucial point of regeneration is that it teeters on the edge of the unknown – with a great deal of potential. 
Lying at the final degrees of the Zodiac, the new moon will transit the very last of the 27 nakshatras, RevatiRevati occupies the area of the sky where the stars of the southern tail of mystical Pisces lay, and which also holds a curious formation of dark matter.  These stars are said to guide deceased souls through the netherworld and on to their next incarnation, as well as to protect wary travelers on journeys and shepherd lost animals home. 
A kindly and toothless – meaning harmless – deity named Pushan dwells in Revati. His influence is an overflowing and abundant nourishment that soothes unsettled hearts and removes the fears and negative karmas that block prosperity.


Revati is protector of animals. – art by Nicola Slattery

There is also a powerful mystical ambience surrounding this new moon and it is said that Revati‘s guidance eventually leads the soul to liberation, or Moksha.  This high spiritual motivation is magnified by the current influence of exalted Venus, increasing the sensitivity, compassion, and generosity that this new moon exudes. 
Revati is seen as the womb of the Divine Mother, where souls take rebirth and life and death are connected.  This new moon will initiate the Navaratri of Spring – the nine nights of the Goddess (April 7 –15) – a nine night celebration honoring the divine feminine in all her forms. The more commonly known and practiced Navaratri of Autumn (Sharad Navaratri) is a parallel commemoration to the Divine Mother. To read more about the goddesses of Navaratri read previous article here.
Although the auspicious influence of Revati generally inspires love and harmony, take heed, as it is crucial not to expect too much of yourself and others at this time.  New moons are generally times of retreat and contemplation and it is best to take it easy, especially since a square aspect from Pluto will add a layer of pressure and intensity to emotions. The proximity of Uranus as well as the mutual exchange from Jupiter (who continues to be heavily shadowed by the serpent Rahu) could also greatly destabilize situations and interactions, possibly leading to surprising and unanticipated complications.

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Revati is often symbolized by a drum, and if we sit in quiet detachment at this time we may catch a sense of its subtle rhythm.  The drum of Revati sits at the end of time, marking the endings, and subsequently the beginnings of all cycles.  If you have been feeling lost on your path or confused about your goals, call on the power of this new moon and then sit quietly and listen.  The guiding influence of Revati will inspire your heart with vision and light the pathway forward.