The new moon of March 17, 2018 (6:12 am PT) teeters on the threshold of endings and new beginnings. This is a time to turn within, center, and step beyond doubt and fear to a higher level of wisdom and self-awareness.

The new moon falls in the Vedic Lunar Sign of Purva Bhadrapada. Found near the end of the Zodiac, Purva Bhadrapada is symbolized by the end of the soul’s journey and the cremation pyre. Among these stars dwells an ancient fire dragon that breathes flames through body, heart, and mind, and sets spirit free to depart from this earth. This fiery Nakshatra may demand that you connect in a sincere way to what is of value in life, and redirect your energy accordingly.

Falling close to the equinox on March 20, this new moon is also celebrated as the Vedic New Year. The equinox is the point of perfect balance between the forces of light and darkness, and it is said that on this day Brahma created the world. This new moon calls for rebirth and is an auspicious time to begin new endeavors.


The Vedic New Year begins with Chaitra Navaratri – 9 nights of offering prayers to Goddess Durga – who is seated on a lion, a symbol of power and victory.

Since March 14, thoughtful Mercury and graceful Venus have been combined (in parivartana) with Jupiter, the planet of high ideals and inspiration. Insightful dialogue and imaginative solutions may emerge in the days leading up to this new moon.

But take heed, fiery Mars is conjoined heavy Saturn, potentially igniting intense and frustrating situations. Also, communication mishaps and tech problems could complicate matters, as Mercury goes retrograde on March 22 and passes through graha yuddha (planetary war) from March 18-20. Stay focused and don’t create complicated plans or expect quick solutions. Mercury stations direct on April 15.

Use this auspicious new moon and the Vedic New Year to take stock on who you are and what you would like to become in the future. Try to hear and acknowledge the doubts and fears within yourself and those around you, then offer what is no longer needed onto the fire of Purva Bhadrapada.

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