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Searching for something new?  Still hunting for your heart’s desire?  The new moon of June 13, 2018 (12:43 pm PT) stirs up the nature spirits, wandering hearts of the wild, and all those who seek true and lasting fulfillment in life.
In Vedic Astrology the new moon is in the area of the sky called Mrigashira nakshatra, the “searching star,” where Lord Brahma, the god of creation, changes himself into a running deer.  This is also where creation is decapitated by the great liberator, Lord Shiva.  Mrigashira is symbolized by a deer’s head (Mriga=deer,  Shirsa=head). Creative drive and energy to chase after dreams and desires runs wild here. Take a moment to consider what you are longing, searching, and hunting for in life.

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Soma the moon god’s chariot is pulled by a deer or antelope.

Mrigashira is ruled by the god of the moon, Soma, who is the nectar of youth and fertility that drips down to earth in the form of nourishing moonlight.  This lunar cycle is an excellent time to focus on activities that energize you and reconnects you to your vitality.
Take heed, relationship and power dynamics are often magnified under Mrigashira.   Like a startled deer that quickly flees a predator, Mrigashira can cause insecurities and anxieties to flare up in some people.
Furthermore, love goddess Venus and her male counterpart, warrior Mars, are powerfully aligned along the shadow serpent now.  Venus is in the hungry mouth of the karmic snake Rahu, while Mars is treading the strange and volatile tail of the snake, Ketu.  
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The dynamic opposition of Venus and Mars in the eclipse serpent could trigger intense and passionate interactions.  Be courteous and mindful to avoid straining relationships, particularly of the opposite sex. Mercury in sidereal Gemini can help support healing dialogue now, particularly around issues of attachment, power, and trust in relationships.
The Mrigashira new moon is a heart-opening portal that can lead to truer love and greater self-understanding.  There is much transformative and creative energy at work now, stay open to run free with new possibilities.
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