The new moon of March 13 marks the beginning of a spring — and with it a spiritual — awakening. It holds the power of rebirth, and initiates a new cycle of growth and possibility.

Positioned in the area of the sky known as Purva Bhadrapada, this potent new moon (2:21 a.m. PT) is charged with the stormy power of rain and the purifying power of fire. It comes one day after Shivaratri, the Hindu celebration of Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer.

Shiva is often depicted in a wild dance of destruction, but he is also seen as a yogi sitting absolutely still as a mountain. Like Lord Shiva, the new moon in Purva Bhadrapada has the power to burn through illusion, cut karmic ties, and transform consciousness through stillness and meditation.

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Ascetic practices such as meditation, fasting, and yoga are especially powerful right now. They help to purify the mind and accelerate spiritual awakening. This is an ideal time to restart a dormant yoga practice, or set aside fifteen minutes each morning for meditation.

The new moon is also conjoined the mystical planet of Neptune, which heightens the possibility for psychic experience, and increases intuition and insight. With artistic Venus stationed nearby, music, poetry, dream work, and guided visualization are all good ways to channel this dreamlike energy. Stay in tune with your intuition, and take the time to indulge your creative spirit in any form that feels most fitting.

At the same time, Venus, the goddess of love, is combust, hidden by the rays of the sun, and nearing the end of her fierce Morning Star cycle. This is a rite of passage for issues surrounding love, relationships, and finances. Important transformations are in the works through the month of March, and surprising realizations could be had by the next full moon.

On April 5, the expansive planet of Jupiter will transit into Aquarius, which holds the power of collective healing. A new wave of growth will be seen in the spheres of technology and communication, and a common vision of hope for the future could emerge. Find out more about what Jupiter’s transit into Aquarius means for you – Join the live Jupiter Horoscopes Class 2021- 2022.

Interpersonal relations could feel a bit rocky in the weeks to come as Mars, the warrior planet, marches into an explosive conjunction with Rahu, the mouth of the shadow snake that causes eclipses. While this fiery combination can increase personal courage and strength, Rahu also holds a venom that can ratchet up social tensions and cause reckless or impatient reactions.

On this new moon in Purva Bhadrapada, celebrate the cycle of rebirth and renewal by turning inward and strengthening the foundations of your spiritual practice. Plant new seeds for the next cycle of life, and bask in the fertile, creative energy that surrounds you.

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