If you have been stuck in endless delays or blocked by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, prepare to shift gears. The new moon of April 15, 2018 (6:57 pm PT) sparks forward action and initiates healing changes that will grow stronger as the moon waxes in the weeks to come.

Change is sometimes difficult to start, and harder still to navigate, but this new moon is in the first degrees of Aries and a natural conductor for souls who seek to liberate themselves from the past and start with a fresh new slate. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and burns with the courageous fire of springtime, as it pushes forward into the unknown.

In Vedic astrology this new moon is in the section of the sky known as Ashwini, which relates to the energy of a horse. Fast-paced Ashwini is the first of 27 lunar nakshatras. Like the horse at the head of a carriage, it is a star of energy, speed and exhilaration. Ashwini is also known to trigger miraculous cures to chronic illnesses.

On top of it all, Mercury Retrograde is ending on this new moon. This means that quick flying Mercury is actually at a dead stop. A potent seed is ignited with this lunar cycle as roadblocks are removed and clarity returns with Mercury’s forward motion in the coming weeks.

Take heed, because since March, critical Saturn and impatient Mars have been in a pressure-cooker with the idealistic sign of Sagittarius. This intense and conflictive influence has forced uncomfortable realities to surface. Exposing gurus (ie; Osho’s recent documentary Wild Wild Country) and popping idealistic bubbles, such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s sobering trial for the enabling of foreign political propaganda, are some of the ways this influence has taken shape in the public sphere.

Serious Saturn will soon station retrograde on April 17, setting noses to soul-searching grindstones and deepening spiritual introspection. These influences have the potential to create solid foundations for transformative healing in the future.

Understanding how to harness current astrological transits for your personal growth and empowerment, depends on your Vedic astrology chart. Recently, after a reading, a client communicated with me how I helped her see her troubled relationship patterns with more compassion and understanding than she had before. By using time-tested Vedic astrological methods that I shared with her, she has been deepening her connection with her inner power, and is now experiencing an amazing new partnership in her life as well!

On this new moon, progressive Jupiter and equal-minded Venus are creating a healing circuit that can invigorate your heart and soul, while amplifying awareness of social issues, particularly women’s equality. This Ashwini new moon is packed with courage and practical wisdom, step forward with the flow of infinite potential it offers now.

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