It’s been a wild week of transformation and conflict with Saturn’s recent transit into sidereal Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto’s war-cry conjunction on Monday.  Wednesday also kept things churning with a war between Saturn and Venus.   There definitely has been a cosmic agenda to purge what has been hidden away…come what may!  If you feel like you have been in the frying pan as of late, you are not alone

Thankfully things should be settling down a bit, as the moon wanes this week.  Tomorrow night (Nov 13th) a half moon will be seen making it’s monthly round back to the brilliant and exalted Jupiter in sidereal Cancer.    They will reach full conjunction by 6:18 am PST Nov 14th (Friday morning) in the nakshatra of Ashlesha.

Ashlesha (a circle of six faint stars) is the head of Hydra the water snake.  It is called the “entangler” and has a special connection to the power of Kundalini, the serpent energy that is coiled in the root chakra at the base of our spines. Ashlesha is ruled by the nagas,  fire breathing dragon-spirits who live deep in the netherworld realms.   They are said to support the entire earth in an entwining energetic embrace.    Deep emotions and instincts can get triggered in this nakshatra.     The shadow side of Ashlesha can be mental instability and melancholy, but with moon and Jupiter’s influence here, it could be a great time for an intimate evening with a close friend. Beware, Ashlesha can become very introverted… but it actually has a real desire to connect deeply with loved ones.   Try to reach out to your dearest friends and family.   This is a great time for channeling competitiveness and ambition into higher spiritual motivations.  Practicing Tantric methods, as well as trying hypnotherapy, could give profound results.   

Since Jupiter and the moon are strong in the sign of Cancer this lovely rendezvous will trigger auspicious yogas,  such as Gaja-kesari yoga (Elephant-lion) and Hamsa yoga (Swan) from Chandra Lagna.  Imagine the regal beauty of a moonlit swan.   Jupiter should grant grace and optimism to the moon…and our mood!

Overall it is a powerful evening to initiate deeper levels of healing and transformation with support from close friends and family, but be sure to remember to be gentle with yourself and others.  These yogas are destabilized by Jupiter’s sambandha with Mars (8th dristi from Sagittarius), an aspect that can push too hard and create conflict.  If you feel withdrawn or lonely, be mindful of how you may be expecting too much from others (and yourself!). Try to practice forgiveness.