If you’ve been suddenly faced with challenges, shocking news or twists of fate, there’s a reason for it. We’re in eclipse season, a time when liminal uncertainty—the feeling of being neither here, nor there—settles over our lives, and things seem out of control.

The lunar eclipse of May 5 punctuates an important process of recalibration.  It’s time to let go of the past and step into a new set of possibilities.

This is a penumbral lunar eclipse created by the shadow snake of liberation, Ketu. If you’re feeling stuck, trapped by self-doubt, or old emotional holding-patterns, use this time to cut free and focus on the power of the present.

The lunar eclipse (8:14 am-12:31pm pt) falls in the nakshatra called Vishaka, the Vedic star of purpose and one-pointed focus.  Vishaka means forked or branched, and invokes the brilliant image of a lightning bolt branching across the sky. Like a flash of lightning, Vishaka can catalyze sudden action, insight and inner clarity.

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But beware, Mercury Retrograde is happening through this eclipse. Communication problems, travel mishaps, and delays are likely to continue until Mercury goes direct on May 14.

Mercury is a traveler between worlds, and it’s said that Mercury visits the realm of the dead when he is retrograde. Combined with the transformative power of the eclipses this is an excellent time for inner reflection.

This Vishaka full moon/lunar eclipse is also celebrated as Buddha Purnima, the birthday, and day of liberation of the Gautama Buddha, who taught liberation from suffering through steady focus, observation and meditation.

It’s said that the power of meditation is enhanced during this eclipse, so take time to sit and follow your breath for at least ten minutes today. Be present with what is, and simply observe the emotions that may arise in your body. Whether your aim is enlightenment, a just a better relationship or career, the practice of meditation can help you clarify your goals and focus your power now.

Expansive Jupiter has entered fiery Aries with volatile Rahu, the eclipse snake. A revolutionary new chapter for personal creativity and self-expression has begun, as well as a fierce awakening in political and social realms. How this transit of Jupiter affects you depends on how it aspects your Vedic chart.

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