The May New Moon is in Krittika at 9:13 pm (PST) on Sunday. You may be familiar with this unique cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus, sometimes called the Pleiades or the “seven sisters, “ or the seven nymphs of Artemis.  They sit on the neck and shoulder area of the constellation of Taurus the Bull where this powerful animal would be yoked.   The neck and shoulders are the strongest and most developed area in the body of Taurus and a key body area for the sign.  The original will of Aries is first bridled and directed into Taurus through this nakshatra.

In Vedic lore the Pleiades were said to be the wives of the great rishis (seers) who had been divorced and sent away to care for Shiva’s violent newborn son, KartikeyaKartikeya was a terrifying child under the angry curse of Shiva’s wife, Parvati. He had been partially sired by Agni as well as Ganga and the Earth itself (as well as others.) Kartikeya split into six forms, one for each surrogate father and the Pleiadian mother who nurtured and cared for the child.  Later when he grew to adulthood he became a formidable God of War.

PictureAgni, Lord of Fire, mounted on his ram, surrounded by a halo of flames.

Although it does occupy the last 3.6 degrees of war-like Aries, Krittika is found mostly in the early degrees of sidereal Taurus.  Taurus is considered to be an earthy feminine sign, but this lunar nakshatra is called the “star of fire” and is ruled by the ancient Vedic deity of fire, Agni. 

All the brilliant and creative power of fire is grounded into earthy potential through this area of Taurus.  Burning creativity is crystallized into the diligence to focus and persevere. For this reason Krittika wields enormous power and determination and holds the Mulatrikona point of the Moon’s highest exaltation.    

The transformative qualities of fire can be harnessed and used under this nakshatra.  Fire is the original creative element, it cooks and digests and sublimates energy into the potential of ever increasing clarity.   It burns away the impurities of the physical world and is used as a bridge to the spiritual dimension in fire ceremony offerings. 

Krittika means “to cut” and this nakshatra is an area of the Zodiac that brings cutting awareness of appetite and basic needs.  It penetrates new awareness into blind areas and instigates profound transformation.  It aggressively cuts into systems that do not function and overthrows weak elements, because of this Krittika natives are fabulous teachers and activists.

Pitta is the Ayurvedic dosha associated with Agni and those with a dominant pitta constitution often have sharp minds and piercing eyes.   They can be critical and argumentative, especially when hungry.  Be careful if you are vulnerable to mood swings from low blood sugar.

The New Moon is less than eight degrees from war-like Mars.  It is receiving a direct opposing dristi (aspect) from Saturn (in Mars ruled Scorpio).  Be aware of combative situations and passive aggression.  People are more likely to be defensive at this time.  Issues around self-control or control of others may erupt.  Emotional trouble that causes insecurities, delusional beliefs and/or eating disorders can easily be triggered in such a new moon.  

With nearly stationary Mercury in close proximity to this New Moon it is best to mind that words don’t become too cutting and critical.  Mercury will begin his retrograde movement on Monday May 18th and it will continue until June 11th.   Also, Mercury will be in mutual-exchange (parivartana ) with Venus until the end of May.  This has the potential to  trigger miscommunications which could escalate into relationship/marriage disruptions. However if used well, this time could bring excellent social breakthroughs.  With thorough work, misunderstandings could bring deeper understanding.  Old flames and lost friends could appear in one’s life again with a fresh perspective.

In summary, take it easy on yourself, don’t overwork, and keep out of petty arguments during this New Moon. Get a neck and shoulder massage if you are feeling tense.  If you are not fasting, eat healthy foods that pacify pitta and stay away from spicy meals.  It is a wonderful evening for a bonfire or a fire ritual if you live in a fire-safe zone.   Offering up negative habits and qualities to be symbolically burned away by fire is a great way to channel this potential.  Open the mind to create real change.  How would changing your patterns look?   Infinite dimensions of possibility are visible on this exalted New Moon, so look within and try to see..  but do not initiate any deliberate new plan until the moon has waxed larger next week.